Disney World pulls plug on Grad Nite


Did anyone hear about this?

Disney World: No More Grad Nite - OrlandoSentinel.com


Yes, Papa - there is another thread on the topic. From Yesterday, I think.

But I try not to think much, so I could be worng.


What??? Why??? That’s a bummer I was hoping to tag along with my little sister’s grad nite since I didn’t get my own.

Disneyland is celebrating its 50th grad nite, I believe. I read that somewhere.


I saw this too, that’s so bad for the grads- however, I think Disney are implementing some sort of grad ticket to the park as recompense for the loss of their special night.


I can’t believe that, because I thought they were really just starting to get awesome! I couldn’t believe All Time Low played last year! While I was on my program. But right after I had to come home :[ I almost cried. lol. jk, not really.