Disney World restaurant bans children


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Don’t bring the kids to Vicky & Al’s…

[I]ORLANDO, Fla. - The home of Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Tinkerbell has banned kids from its fanciest restaurant.

Beginning this week, children under 10 are no longer welcome at Victoria & Albert’s in the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Victoria & Albert’s is Walt Disney World’s only restaurant with an AAA five-diamond rating.

“We want to be the restaurant that’s available for that adult experience,” said general manager Israel Perez.

Only about three families a month ever brought young children to Victoria & Albert’s, said Rosemary Rose, Disney’s vice president for food, beverage and merchandise operations.

Men are required to wear jackets, and women must wear dresses or pantsuits. The hushed atmosphere features live harp music, and the menu, which changes daily, offers seven-course dinners that can last as long as three hours. Prices start at $125 a person.

Rose noted that there are plenty of dining options for families at Disney, which World has 97 other full-service restaurants.[/I]


hmmm…i am actually ok with it. there is an adult only restuarant in indy (it’s NOT a super high classy joint, but wants us to think it is, lol) - and i just think of it as the same as a bar - can’t take my kids with me in a bar in indiana, no matter how great the food is that bar.

i wouldn’t have taken my kid here anyway - 1. price, 2. style/length of meal, 3. price, 4. seems more like an adult night, than one i’d want my kids going with me to

i’ll bet disney gets a lot of angry letters about it though.


I have never been to vicky and al and now I never will.


I’m fine with it as well. There are PLENTY of other nice resturants to take kids in WDW.


I am ok with this as well. This place is for a romantic dinner for couples. I would have been ok if they made this for adults only. They have adult only places on the cruise ships and every one is ok with that, why would this be a problem? Not everyone brings the kiddos on vacation…it’s nice to have one place that’s adults only. You all know how some people’s children act and the parents just are oblivious to it… I think they should ban them completely. If I were paying that much for a romantic meal and had to listen to some kid acting like a maniac through out the entire meal, I’d be a bit put off…now if they can some how just ban the idiot adults too cause some of them are no better than the bad kids…oh wait, it’s their kids that act like this…:laugh: :laugh:

Seriously now, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I have never and will not have any reason to go to v&A’s…to schmancy for me…


I have never been to Vicky and al. I guess I never will because where the kids can’t go I don’t go. They ask why can’t I go? you say b/c it for adults only (at the happiest place on earth) and they look at you with there sad faces and ask why is it adults only? To me if I am going to Disney I am going with my children and I m going to enjoy them as much as they enjoy being there. The way I see it they will be 18 to soon enjoy their childhood first then I can have my second childhood.


I probably would not have brought my kids there for the same reasons as emamasa said.


I’m all for it. I’ve never been to V&A, but if I were to go, I wouldn’t bring my kids. If I’m dropping that much $$$$ on one dinner I want to sit and enjoy every minute of it alone w/ DH.


Ehhh, if I was under 10 years old I would be bored as heck to be there. :laugh: Probably doing kidlets a huge favor anyway. :laugh:


My kids would hate me if I made them sit for 3 hours to eat something they couldnt even pronounce


I had always thought that kids were not welcome up there. I don’t want someone elses unhappy children bothering me and disturbing THAT dinner. And I am not going to subject any of my grumpoids to others, not even at a “lesser” place :wink:


I will probrobly never go there but if people can afford to bring there kids it should be there ckoice or have a split dinning area. Kids or No Kids. It really dont matter either way here.:blink:


First…not to be off of the subject…dopey…my husband would LOVE your avatar! He is a die hard Blue Fan!!! (You should see our rec room…)
Anyway…For Vic and Alb…I doubt that I would go there with or without kids…not just for price, but for the fact that if you can’t pronounce the food…I have no desire to try to eat it:laugh: . I CAN see why they wouldn’t want kids in there while parents are trying to have a night, paying that kind of money, especially for that length of time. I can’t get my kids to sit still or be quite for 10 minutes let alone a 3 hour meal.:laugh: :laugh:


I couldn’t even imagine bringing my kiddo there in the first place!! Especially when the meal can be 3 hrs long and can cost $125 per person!!

I’m glad they did this–plus the article said that they were only getting about 3 families per month that had kids. So it was basically kid-free as it was!!

V & A’s is too rich right now for my pockets–but I’d love to go there one day when I have 300-400$ to spend on one dinner—Me and DH ONLY–it would be very romantic!!


I think that is a geat idea. Even at home there are certain expensive restaurants I wish would not allow kids. If I’m able to get out to dinner without my kids, I really don’t want to listen to other people’s kids. That may sound horrible, but sometimes it’s nice to spend time alone with DH.


If I were to pay that much for a meal I would not want to be hindered by crying kids, unsupervised kids or little rich brats that have no appreciation for what it is they are doing or where they are eating- not only that but if you have the loot to blow in that place you have the loot to pay for an in room sitter. I love the policy-
now if I could ever afford to eat there…whole other story!


I am actually surprised it wasn’t a no-kid zone already. My DH and I ate there on our honeymoon (our special dinner), and it would have been strange/possibly annoying to have small children there. And I would never take my kids there – no mickey mac and cheese! :wub:


I think this is a great idea! To offer a haven for adults to go and have a special evening of quiet ambience and gourmet food is completely fine with me! After six days in the parks, I sometimes think maybe it would be fun to send the kids to Neverland Club and go over to V&As for a little adult time!

Plus, my kids would HATE having to dress up and sit quietly!


Dana, you share my thoughts. WDW is a place for adults and children, and I see reason why they shouldn’t have an adult only restaurant. While I have never been to V&A, I think the proper age should be 18 and above.


I’m good with this change. In fact, I wouldn’t have taken my son when he was welcome, he woudln’t enjoy it at all. Even at WDW I don’t believe kids have to be allowed at every single place.