Disney World To Cut Management Staff


WDW has announced it will lay off 25 management staff workers to “streamline the company’s operations and increase efficiency.” All 25 jobs are management or professional positions. A WDW spokesperson wouldn’t say exactly who would be laid off but said the cuts would come from several different areas and wouldn’t affect customer service. The job cuts are effective immediately.


I always hate to hear things like this!!!


That’s really yucky. :c(


I hearing about people losing their jobs…shame.


:noo: thats not good for someone who wants to be a CM…ahhem…me… :noo:


LOL! You’ll be fine, it’s the management they don’t want!


Hmmmm… wonder if this has anything with Iger comming in, or if they are in animation.


A WDW spokeswoman denied that the layoffs were ordered from on high, and no, they weren’t in animation.

A sidenote to the story is that WDW’s original announcement said the displaced workers would be given severence packages and outplacement assistance. What the announcement didn’t say, though, was that those benefits were given only to full-time employees. Some part-timers were part of the employee cuts and were left to fend for themselves.

Perhaps the part-timers not being included in the perks package doesn’t sound too cold until you hear the story of one 15-year employee who was a part-time manager in the Magic Kingdom in charge of scheduling in the food and beverage area. When he reported to work on Monday, all he got was his final paycheck and an escort off the property by security.


An escort off the property by security??? That’s cold!!!


I am always sad to hear about layoffs at WDW. I thought travel was up and things were looking better for Disney.


What a shame. :nonono2: