Disney World Vs. Universal


I got this Article on http://www.magicalmountain.net/WDWNewsDetail.asp?NewsID=1077. What are your comments?
[I]Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster vs. The Hulk

So you say you like roller coasters? Do yourself a favor. Ride The Hulk. From the moment you strap yourself in, you are in for the ride of your life. Shooting out from your “Gamma Tube” at 60 MPH is enough to get your adrenaline pumping for the rest of your trip. But it doesn’t stop there, hold on tight as your coaster loops, twists, turns, all at break neck speed. A sudden stop leads to a sudden drop and the white knuckle speed (green knuckle?) of this one will have you back in line ready to go again in no time.
If Rock and Roll is more your thing, Disney offers up the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. Your limousine inspired coaster shoots out of the gate with the same gut wrenching force as the Hulk, but after that, the enclosed darkness of the ride leads you to wonder where you are, what’s going on, and what’s coming up next. Unfortunately, nothing ever really “does” come up next, and it feels like a softer version of Space Mountain. The Aerosmith rock and roll playing in your ear is a plus, but the thrill just isn’t there like in the Hulk.

Edge: The Hulk

Buzz Light Year vs. Men In Black Alien Attack

If you were to strip these two rides down from their respective themes, they are essentially the same. Out of a need to create a more interactive experience on their rides, both Disney and Universal have created a ride along, shoot-em-up, living a video game experience with Buzz Light Year and Alien Attack. Two partners saddle into their buggies, which come equipped with a “laser” gun. You then use the gun to shoot at various targets and score points based on the location and difficulty of what you shot. Both rides are extremely fun, but Buzz Light Year somehow made me feel more of a kid at heart blasting away at the colorful toon-inspired creatures rather than the “Aliens” of Men In Black.
Edge: Hard to judge.but Buzz Light Year by a Laser blast

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror vs. Doctor Dooms Freefall

Both go up, both go down, both go up again, both go down again. Seems pretty tame, and it is on Dr. Dooms freefall. Up down, up down, not too much excitement. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is by far the opposite. The atmospheric entrance complete with “bellhops” who frighten you with their excellent acting abilities is the first indication that this ride will not disappoint. You strap yourself into the elevator, and then are treated to a Twilight Zone themed experience where the surreal becomes real. Then, the lights go out. There is an eerie silence (if no one is screaming yet) then suddenly you are dropping! The elevator catches itself, and you might drop again, the windows might open to reveal the rest of the park, you might go back up.what goes up.must come back down. And if the thrill of the random movement of the elevator is not enough to get your adrenaline pumping, the fact that the seatbelts are “just a little too loose” might!
Edge: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Star Tours vs. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

When Star Tours opened in 1989, it was probably meant to be what Spider-Man is today. Star tours is a Star Wars themed ride that puts you in the cockpit of a ship caught up in the struggle for the Galaxy as depicted by George Lucas’ epic movies. Sounds great! Well.the screen which shows you the action is quite small, the static motion never really makes it feel as if you are going anywhere; and when you get off the ride you are left wondering.was that the queue movie? I imagine when it first opened Star Tours was exciting, but with rides like Spider-Man out there, the imaginers better make some changes to create Star Tours: Special edition much like Lucas did with his movies.
On the other hand, Spider-Man is so amazingly cool, so unique, and gives you such a feeling of being in a comic book that its worth the price of admission to Islands of Adventure. The 3D effects are top notch - when you are “Falling from a building” in one scene, you get the sensation that the ground is actually coming up FAST and your buggy will crash (don’t worry.Spidey saves you). Battling with the 3-D villains is fun and the pyrotechnic and hydro effects used throughout make for a sense tingling good time you will want to ride again and again!

Edge: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

What’s the verdict? It is too close to call. Both parks offer some great one of a kind thrill rides, that you will want to experience again and again. My advice on a week’s vacation; 3 days at Universal, 3 days at Disney, and go home MORE than satisfied (and a little lighter in the wallet.) [/I]


personally … Universal does not exsit … I have been to the one in Ca. and was unimpressed. I have no desire to go to the one in Orlando. No one in my family does. We are WDW snobs and proud of it


AMEN TO YOU Tinkerbell, at our last visit to wdw my dad asked my sister and I what we wanted to do on our “planned day of doing nothing” he asked if we wanted to go to universal, and immediatly we both said “**** NO!” We too are Disney Snobbs and just like you we are proud of it! Oh so my dad bought an extra day in the parks and we went to MK again! I have been to the one in Orlando, Both Islands of Adventure, and The Old one, I hate both of them, the older side has only motion simulators, and the new side is way to wild for younger children, AND to make it even worser smoking is allowed in Universal, Thats major points to Universal, (points are bad)


I am very proud of being a Disney Snob … people are shocked when I say we have never been to Universal …but it really is all about the magic …and no place can do Magic like Disney. It is all there, we stayed at Fort Wilderness campgrounds for our first time …and it was not lacking any of the Disney Magic!!! even roughing it at Disney is better then …Hulk ?? lol I didnt like the movie Hulk… not a huge spiderman fan either.


We got REAL deal through RCI when we swapped condo for week on 5 Universal pass.

Went one day and debated going 2nd day - not sure if was worth paying parking for 2nd day or not. We ended up going part day and just catching some of the shows we missed 1st day.

Worth going at least once. They do have some good rides.


I too am a Disney snob but everyone knows that nothing compares to the Disney experience as a whole. Universal will can deliver the thrill rides but after that they leave you a little deflated.

Edge: Disney!! All day everyday!


yep … I would rather ride a bench at WDW then anything they have at Universal :slight_smile:


First of all, Universal FL doesn’t even compare to Universal Hollywood. They are very different. If the only Uni park I ever went to was Hollywood, I would be unimpressed too. But Uni in FL has many, many assets. My family loves to go there as well as WDW. In fact a trip to FL without visiting both parks feels incomplete.

We’ve had this discussion many times before and the bottom line is: there’s room for people to like BOTH parks. They’re not mutually exclusive.

In fact, there are many things Uni does better than Disney. And you know what? That’s a good thing, because it keeps Disney and Uni competitive and we all benefit from that.


Great points, ddoll…I definitely agree!

My family and I go on a big vacation to WDW at least one time a year, but every so often I have to add at least one day to Universal. But I also agree with Tink, about the MAGIC that Disney offers. SO TRUE!!! Disney MAGIC is there NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AT WDW!!! It’s so hard to explain, but it’s a feeling you feel.

Universal definitely has some great traits (enough for us to go back every few trips), but the MAGIC is nonexistent. WDW is REALLY where I want to begin and end my days. :wub:


I definitely agree with you Kim!
Although I LOVE Disney World a trip to Universal (particularly Islands of Adventure) is needed every once in a while. They can never duplicate the true magic that WDW has, but I enjoy the rides and some of the themeing is good. I’m contemplating buying an Annual Pass to Universal since I live so close and might want to change it up a bit between the Disney and Universal parks. The trick is convincing my fellow Disney APers up here to do the same. :noo: lol. But at the end of any day at Universal, I thank my lucky stars for WDW! lol.
Joe :mickey:


Agreed. (Hey! I’ve been agreeing with you a lot lately!! :tongue: )

I think both parks are great, fun, and have a lot to offer. They also both have their downfalls. Where one is weak, the other is strong - and vice versa. I make it a point to visit Uni/IOA every trip to Orlando (as well as Sea World). The trip isn’t complete without it.

I think everyone should at least try Uni Orlando, if only once. It’s kind of like stores in malls - my Old Navy is nice and clean, while the one in your town may be totally ghetto. Every one is different.


Now, I gotta tell ya, I’m one of the biggest Disney fans around. I’ve been going to WDW religiously for over 20 years now. I’m fircely loyal to Disney. I don’t buy non-Disney animated movies, etc. I agree with the idea that no other place on Earth is as magical as WDW. With that said, I also love thrill rides. WDW just doesn’t have enough thrill rides. I go to WDW multiple times a year, cause ultimately, the magic and the sense of feeling “at home” is irreplaceable, but I do manage to squeeze in about 2 days every other year at Universal. Just so I can check out the new stuff every now and then. Spiderman is great, and The Mummy is probably the 2nd best ride I’ve ever been on. 2nd only to ToT. So I’m in the catagory of folks who LOVE WDW, but enjoys a day or two at Universal every now and then. Nothing even comes close to Disney…


We like Universal/Islands of Adventure. We go there for a least one day every time we go to WDW. It’s nice to spend a day or two doing something different. DS is now 10 and is really into roller coasters and fast rides (we are too!). The Mummy was one of the best rides I have ever been on. It is in my top 5 rides. We also like the Hulk and Deuling Dragons. When we went to Universal in CA, we saw The Terminator. It was a great show. So, we enjoy WDW for at least 5 days and spend one or two at U/IOA. It completes our trip. Although, we are thinking about adding a day at Sea World next time. On our last trip, DS’s favorite part of our ENTIRE trip was squirting those guns at Islands of Adventure in the Dinosaur area. You can have water gun fights there and he just loved it.


Yeah, they’re comparing rides to rides. And when it comes to Disney one could completely ignore the rides and still have a day like no other.


thats what I am talking about …I guess there is nothing wrong with loving thrill rides …but for me …there is a different thrill. I can sit in any of the parks and just enjoy all that is around me. I can ride the Jungle Cruise over and over and love it more each time. It is a sense of belonging too. Of being a part of something bigger then just a theme park …it’s like the celebration going on now for 50 years of Disneyland.

Bottom line for me and mine, we know where home is and we do not have to go looking for it (kinda like what Dorthy said in the Wizard of Oz).


I agree with you there. I totally feel like I’m “HOME” when I’m anywhere in WDW. It just feels like home…


The Orlando Universal is so different though! Well Islands of Adventure is different! It is a Disney class theme park. I absolutly love it and always have to include a day or two their in my trip. You have to put your prejudices aside and try it. Universal Hollywood stinks, but IOA is great!

Even if you don’t like the movies The Hulk (the coaster was built based on the show and came out before the movie) or Spiderman, the rides are phenomenal! Spiderman is simply the best 3-D type ride that I have ever experienced. The technology behind it is amazing. I also love Rip-Saw Falls, it is a totally different take on a flume ride. The drop at the end is different than any flume I’ve ever been on.

The Disney parks are always priority to me and will always be my favorite, but IOA follow close behind.


well going to Universal would mean giving up time at WDW and we can never do everything there is to do at WDW. Maybe if I had a whole month …no make that 3 months, at WDW I would maybe take a day and go to Universal, but I doubt it. I know me … I know I would find fault and I am being honest.


Here’s my peace about Universal, trying so hard to treat it with a good point of view and not to sound like a Disney snob. Most of my opinion comes from what I witness and see whenever I visit. I’ll even forget how their employees always bad mouth Disney to their guests.

Universal has 5 really awesome rides in both parks combined. Among the best rides I ever rode in my life…THAT’S IT. Their parks are always dirty everytime I go. Their employees are never happy looking. Their prices are outrageous for getting next to nothing. You actually can’t carry anything with you on the rides. Have to put them in lockers by the rides, and if you wait more than an hour in line, it’s $3 to get them back. The parks have built themselves into a corner with no room for expansion…and the thing that bothers me the most since it’s my job, their character integrity (how their characters perform and look) is very sad. It’s no wonder the 2 parks are losing so much money. I did enjoy that Fear Factor Live show though, especially when I participated in the eating stunt. But I really don’t see how much longer Universal can go. Sorry, but except for those 5 really awesome rides, they’ve got nothing of fun to go see. Like Cavey said, you need more than rides to have a great park, not a mediocre one.


If you want thrill rides make sure to check out Cedar Point, Ohio! They have a coaster called the Mellinium Force! NOT for the faint of heart! Once you ride that nothing will scare you.