Disney: World's Greatest Service


Okay, I have to brag about this.

In June, we went for 10 days, staying at Bay Lake Tower. We had a great time, more hot than our normal June trip, but it was good. We really only had one low point our entire trip in regards to Disney (not gonna talk about my hangover from a kajillion dollars worth of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, best ever) and it was at Hoop Dee Doo Review.

We have been to this show a couple times and always had fun. However, this year, we ended up with table 99. The worst table I have ever been sat at in my entire life. It was right by the door in the very back, the only table actually behind the wait staff who were constantly walking in front of us, people going to the bathroom, and just a horrible location. We complained to the manager, it did no good. This was a category 2 table, but the category 3 were twice as good as ours. The photographer outside even laughed at our reservation number when she saw it and said “you got the million dollar table”.

Anyway, after getting good advice from you guys, I went on Disney.com and basically just wrote them a nice letter about our experience. I told them “I want nothing from this letter, I only want you to remove table 99”. I got a nice call from a nice young lady that discussed the whole evening with me and as a final note to the call stated she would take care of that table and send us a gift card for our troubles.

Well, three months passed. No gift card. Oh well, no biggie. We made plans for our December trip with friends, looking forward to the decorations. We were excited to go back. One night while trying and trying again to make reservations for dining (which is near impossible when they have free dining) I went on Disney.com and put in a quick note that we hadn’t received our gift card but we were glad to come back and excited for our trip.

Two weeks, nothing happens. Then last Friday, I get a wonderfully nice call from the same young lady, she apologizes PROFUSELY. She promises she will overnight our gift card, which I had no idea how much it would be, but I figured it would be the ticket price to Hoop Dee Doo. Well, lo and behold, Monday evening there is a gift card from UPS and a nice letter. Not only was the card MORE than we ever expected, but there was also a nice note that they had made us VIP seating reservations in Epcot for the night we had dinner reservations at Biergarten. She had actually looked up our reservations and done a great thing for us. Now, I know the VIP seats are no huge deal, but it was the thought. She called again Tuesday making sure we got what she sent. I thanked her profusely and told her she went overboard. She said “my pleasure, we can’t wait to see you in December”.

Great story right? However, it isn’t over.

I picked my daughter up from school today and we came back up our driveway and once again, there is a package by the door. Once again, from Disney Destinations. We open the package and there, to my daughters amazement, is a Tiara, a Princess Sash, a Princess Scepter, and a wonderful little note to our daughter Emma (her name is Ella, but they were close, LOL).

I work within a Care management division for a phone company. I try daily to make our service come close to world class and we do well, with several awards. But, even at our best, we are NOT Disney.

Congrats Disney, you already had me won over, but you have me more impressed than any company ever.


Wow way to go Disney.


Very impressive. Yay, Disney!


What an awesome person to go above and beyond.This is why I love Disney>:mickey::heart:


You hit the right cast member.
Good for you.


very impressive!!! Enjoy your trip ~ Disney really is a magical place!


This was such a great story that I showed your post to some friends at work and they were amazed at the great service you received. Good for you!


I, ummm I called them for you. Yeah - that’s it.

And, Your welcome. Don’t mention it.

(So, do we split the gift card?)


That is awesome! That CM deserves a raise!


That’s awesome! And, it just goes to show that it’s (I’d like to say always, but probably or often would work be more accurate) better to be kind and expect nothing in return rather than write a furious letter threatening to sue! What an awesome CM!!!


What a great CM and a great Disney memory. I love how they made a not-so-good experience turn into something magical. Congrats to you.:flowers:


Very nice!!!


Love Disney!! They always make every unhappy experience into a magical one!! :slight_smile: Cannot wait until August, 295 days!!


I got on a few conference calls today bragging about the magic that Disney brought to our December trip, no one believed me. We sit around every day and figure out how to make our customers’ experience better, but honestly, all they have to do is model Disney. Yay Disney!

I called tonight to make reservations for our two friends’ daughters first experience at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I put the Cast Member on speaker phone. Again, he was amazed at how wonderful, cheerful, conversational, and accommodating she was.

Seriously, companies out there, you have something to learn.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1093063]I, ummm I called them for you. Yeah - that’s it.

And, Your welcome. Don’t mention it.

(So, do we split the gift card?)[/QUOTE]

Well I’m sure he WAS going to share it, until you said “don’t mention it”, so just to keep you happy, he’s force to keep it himself. :whistling:biggrin: