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As I mentioned in another thread, I stayed at CSR a couple of years ago and while the resort itself was nice, the rooms reminded me of a glorified Holiday Inn Express Room.

At the end of Aug, my GF and I will be staying at the YC for a week. What Im wondering is since the cost of my room at the YC is 3 times the cost of a room at the CSR, should I expect 3 times the resort and room as well? i.e. a major upgrade?


I think you will like the YC. Is it 3 times nicer? Who knows, that’s a matter of opinion. I think you are also paying for a better location so keep that in mind as you are looking over your room.

YC is very nice, the atmosphere is quiet and upscale and the resort is beautiful. You can walk to Epcot in a matter of minutes and either walk or take a boat to HS (MGM).

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You’re paying as much for better service and dining options as you are for that old “real estate” concept, “location, location, location”.
Also, The Yacht and Beach are hotels, not motels meaning you don’t enter from outside, you enter from a corridor and your room has a balcony.
Services that Yacht offers that you won’t find at any mod: room service (although it’s pretty limited after midnight), valet parking, queen sized beds standard, slightly larger rooms, a genuine concierge area with lounge and personalized service, and anything else you would expect to find in a 4 star hotel.


I agree with Soundgod. Keep in mind the rooms are slightly larger; don’t expect a suite or anything. In my opinion you are paying more for the location and various amenities than the room. While the price can be a little steep the YC is a very very nice resort that I think you will be more than happy with. Just try not to focus on paying $200+ per night and you’ll love it. :laugh:


That depends. Did the GF want the king size bed or the two queen size beds? :tongue: I only stay at Deluxe Resorts because I feel there is that much of a difference. I feel connected to Disney much better when at the Deluxe resorts.


[QUOTE=Soundgod]You’re paying as much for better service and dining options as you are for that old “real estate” concept, “location, location, location”.

That makes sense. The main reason we chose the YC is because it seems like its right in the thick of things. We can walk right up to EPCOT, we can take a bus and we have the option of taking the boat over to HS. With CSR, you only have the bus option. But for $450 a night, I hope the room is better than the CSR. The rooms are not bad there, but definitely overpriced for what you “get”.

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