Disney Youth Educational Programs


I just ran across a mention of the Disney Youth Education Programs. It looks like it is typically for school groups and such but there was the availability of it for individuals. 2 of my children will be eligible for 2 of the programs with their ages (I’d keep them together since they won’t be part of a group). It looks like their ticket prices are considerably discounted for taking the class. Has anyone done this with their children or a group? Can I still purchase a “Package” for the rest of the fmaily if using the tickets with a class? We will be pulling our kids out of school to attend and thought this would be fun for them and a “good excuse” to the school.


I took a group of Scouts down summer before last. Tickets are a hugh discount. Most is the girls and adults got tics through Y.E.S and the rest got the Military Salute tics so we didn’t do a package. You can’t do a package as in DDP with that program. Some of our group tried, but that may be for the group thing. Indiv may be different. They sell meal vouchers but I think it’s all QS. Not sure about the hotel since we stayed at SoG which doesn’t participate in WDW packages.

We had a total of 10 girls from 4th-12th grade that came from 3 different troops, but because we had 10 students total we also received 2 comp tics for the whole week. Not sure how that’s done on the indiv programs.

Most of our girls really enjoyed the program but i’d make sure which ever one they’re doing isn’t something they’ve already done in school. We had a couple older ones that seemed a little bored as they thought the material was beneath them. I believe Victoria had a similar experience. Whichever one you pick i’d look for an early one if possible. That way you’ll already be well into the park before it opens to the public plus you’ll have picture op’s without the crowds. :wink: