Hello all MouseBuzzers!

I was wondering, if anyone happened to have a copy of the Disney 365! commercial with Mitchel Musso at the Boardwalk??

It’s playing now on the Disney channel, and although I search youtube almost daily, it’s yet to be posted there.

DD is in this commercial!!! She’s the cutie (biased…I know) in purple jumping up and down cheering at the beginning of the commercial.

I’d be so thankful if someone who was a lot more technology oriented than I was able to get a copy of this to me somehow!!! I’d be willing to pay any expense you incur.

Thank you all for looking!



Wow yay for your DD, sorry that i couldn’t help with finding it!


I didn’t see it;…I will be on the look out! Congrats to DD…how cool is that?


Lauren, how awesome!!! Maybe you can contact The Disney Channel and find out if you can get it somehow??? That is SO COOL!!! I love Disney…3-6-5! LOL…:laugh:


I hope you find a clip soon! I’ll be on the lookout for it!:heart:


WOW… I have not seen it yet… But I KNOW a Disney Celebrity!!! How cool is that!


I haven’t seen it yet but that is really cool that your DD is on Disney 365!!!


If you find it on Youtube I have ways of snagging it. :ph34r: