Disneyana Convention Figurines?


Does anyone know anything about Disneyana Convention Figurines? Anyone have an idea how much these usually sell for? I am sure they vary, but I am not familiar with the Convention merchandise.

I ask because my daughter collects Pluto items and he can be hard to find, so I look on Ebay a lot. I found a figurine I really like that I am considering for her birthday. I have googled, but I cannot find any info on this particular figure and I don’t know what a fair price is on a Convention figurine.

Any help is appreciated.


The pieces from the Disneyana Convention vary in price. Anywhere from $75 to $$$$'s. These fot the most part are VERY LIMITED editions. Lot size from 1 to 250 generally. Sharon has a few of Pluto from years back from the convention. Do you have a picture? Can try to find her old programs to see if I can find out the original cost. Some things went way UP in cost, and others went way DOWN in cost. Hard to figure. You can E-mail me directly at TCotter3@cox.net