Disneyana convention



I would really love to goto one of these but it seems they may have stopped for good, anyone here ever been? if so how was it?


I’ve always wanted to go too! Too bad they’ve all been cancelled :sad:
At least I’ll get to go to MouseFest next year! :mickey:


Mousefest, lol i didnt know what it was i just looked it up, its huge, i just did a sorta overview real quick, do the sell stuff there too?


A Disneyana convention would be AMAZING! Although, I am afraid it would make me COMPLETELY and UTTERLY broke! hehe.


broke lol…me too me too…i really dont think i have alot of disney items i mean i could use lots more but once a girl friend came over and she couldnt believe i had a few things, she thought i’d be into guns or empty beer cans…hmm…maybe my feeling should have been hurt haha


I went two years in a row and had a great time. The last one I went too it was all about trading pins. But the year before that one they had a store set up and it had all kinds of stuff, pictures that were started but never finished by the artist. Old movie poster’s, the one thing that I purchased that day that I Love. It’s a poster done by Charles Boyer of Snow WHite. It has a little girl looking in a full length mirror in a snow white costume and snow white is looking back at her. I LOVE IT and it was only $5.00.


Was that the 2001 show Twins11023? because i saw some pic of stuff they had and it was amazing


I think it may have been it was the last one at Disney World because the next year it went back to CA and then it stopped. I think I spent about $50.00 and came home with 3 posters and four or five pictures signed by the artist. I wish they would do this again! :cool: