DisneyCentral Pin Sale


Ok, I have about 25 DisneyCentral pins left, and I really would like to sell them so I can move on to a newer version later this year. They have been priced at $2.50. The price is now $1.50 per pin, and shipping is $1. You can email me at pin@disneycentral.com. You can see the original information here:

DisneyCentral Pins

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Just an update on this. I only have 6 pins left. Please let me know if you want one, this will be your last chance.


What a new version, I havent been able to wear the first one yet!!! Oh well!


No, this is the final batch of the first pins. The second one, if we decide to do it, will not be out until the end of this year.


Consider me officially on the list when the new one is ready!


I would like one if you have any left.


I just emailed you…one for me if there is one left! :slight_smile: