DisneyCentral pin


OK, after months of delay, I finally decided that I would get a pin in the works. I posted an image, and any suggestions are appreciated. I think it fits the requirememts of standing out and being original.

I will try to get the work started on this sometime next week, so please let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed.

Thanks for your patience!


I really like it!!! Will it be done for my trip in 30 days???


Looks good to me. Great Job.


Looks cool to me. :mickey:

My ionly suggestion is perhaps a bit brighter on the colors, more contrast would be better (especially for us guys who are red/green color blind)


I like it Mickey. Very nice. Can’t wait to get one for my trip!


I love it!! Very retro and hip…!


I love it Mickey


I like it too but only 30 days left for us before we leave. Any time frame on this? What price are you thinking?


I think the price will be somewhere around $2.25 per pin, plus a bit for shipping. Timeframe is about four weeks, but they could come sooner. I will have a better idea of pricing, etc, once I get the pin ordered. Response seems to be pretty good, so I think I will go ahead and get the pins ordered here soon.


Looks Great! We want 2 when ready


I would like 4!!!


4 for me too. In fact I’ll make it 5 because I’m bound to lose mine! :rolleyes:


I like it - it’s looks happy.

I agree with Matt, though. Brighter colors like red and yellow!


I like it. If it was pink with no retro look, I’m not sure I’d go for it, but the retro look does it for me. Kind of reminds me of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe.


I’m still in for 6!


I still want 2! I love the look. Reminds me of 50’s Primetime too!


For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the pin reminds you of Prime Time Cafe? :fork_off: :fork_off:


Will we be able to order directly from this site?


One last question. In pricing this pin out, we have the option of printing something on the back like disneycentral.com or limited edition 250, etc. The problem is that it will raise the price by about $.25 per pin. Do you think this adds that much value to the pin, or is it not worth it?


If you put anything on the back, it should be the year. DisneyCentral.com will already be on the front. Limited edition if you want, but the year for sure.