Disney.com is broken


I have been trying to pull my reservation up on Disney.com for two days. It is broken. Can someone call Disney and have them fix it? LOL.


Just wish upon a star. . . or contact them. Both seem to have the same effect right now. I’m in the same boat. There is anther thread about the problems.


I didn’t see the other thread. Come’on this is Disney, you guys can fix it in hours.


Ahhhh, after looking, I see it. It is in relation to making payments. C’mon Disney, get with the program. Or at least, get with my program! Gosh. LOL.


hmmmm, I have been pulling it up daily for the last month or so, just to see if I still have a reservation and when it might be :laugh:

sorry…I have not had any problems at all.


ok, I just tried it and got right to my stuff, all of it.


Well, if i log into My Disney Vacation, it fails. But if I go to the link to secure.reservations.go.disney.com it works. Okay, okay, I will call it "half broken> LOL.


strrrrrrange :huh:


I’ve also been having no problem getting on from the main page. I guess they just really want my money, lol


cjtownman, Where are youn finding that link that worked for you? I can’t seem to get one anywhere that matches that url.


YEah, I should have put the whole link before. Here you go:


you guys are dorks :tongue:

Walt Disney World Resort


I can’t find a place on that page to access existing ressies. It keeps trying to send me to My Disney Vacation which is not working. I guess my biggest gripe is that they have not gotten back to me and I contacted them Sunday.


look next to it click “my reservations” there they show your ADRs first and then you can click for your room ressie


YEs, I 100% admit I am a dork. LOL.


That link just takes me back to the page on disneyworld.disney.go.com. Oh well guess I’ll do everything by phone.


[QUOTE=Dopey;1062292]you guys are dorks :tongue:

Walt Disney World Resort[/QUOTE]

That’s funny because that isn’t the real address, it’s just a spare domain Disney owns that redirects to the real place:

Walt Disney World Resort

That’s disneyworld.disney.go.com. No www, and don’t forget that “.go”.

Nerds rule!:phone:(tech support emoticon)


It does not seem to matter where I go through. They all end the same. Try again later. I’ve been trying again later for the last month. Oh well, the Phone Fairy says I have a resesie and that will have to suit me for now.


I too have had problems with the Disney page for reservations etc for the past couple of weeks. When I go to make a dining reservation, for example, it will re-direct me to log in, then it tells me that my login failed. I have to go to another area on the site, such as the shopping page, or the map page, and log in there and then go back to make my reservations while it keeps me logged in. Sometimes I have to do it a few times before it works. Frustrating!


Yes, for the days before Java. Just remember that mostly all the screens are in Java which is the easiest to break. I found out that most of the programmers that are coming out of our colleges and tech schools can’t even diagram a simple program. The testing of the programs are just about no existing to what we had to do back 10 yrs ago before a program was allowed to go on line.