Disneycouple30 trip report 10th -17th Oct


Now I can start our trip report.

Left 9 October for my DD home in Pasadena Maryland at 1:00PM and arrive to stay over night at 4PM.

Next morning my DW and I (Mary and Ron) were taken to BWI to take our flight out at 8:35 while waiting for the flight we ran into a party from the our area that was also were heading to WDW. That made the wait especially fun. The flight on SW was excellence and we arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule. Once we landed we headed for the Magical Express and just made it in time to catch the bus to French Quarters. We were the last stop but who cares when you are in WDW.

At the hotel we were handed our room keys and we belined it to room to drop off our carryon things and then off to EPCOT. We walked into Epcot at noon. We then headed for the World Showcase and the Food and Wine Festival. First stop need a cold beer. That means England. We decided to walk around the world just looking at the different booths and what they offered for food and drink. We had ressies for France for lunch. Have to have my Grilled ham and cheese from there every time we go down to WDW.

We were very disappointed in how the Festival was set up. There were to many booths that were close together or were place at choke point that making it very difficult to get to them, plus for some reason it seem that all the southern states were out of school andd at EPCOT. They could have space the booths like the do the booths during the Flower Festival. They could have put some on the walkway to the Lands and some just as you are going into the World.

Beside that we love the food of Korea, Beligum, Ireland, Canada and Italy. Thw wine were acceptable but the beer s were excellent. We left EPCOT around 8PM and headed back to the room since we were getting a little tired and wobbly.


Woke up at 6:45 and did our morning things and were out the door by 7:30. Had ressies for CP at 8:30. Walked into MK at 7:50 and headed for CP. Only about 10 people ahead of us got in line and were eating breakfast by 8:10. That the fastest we were ever seated. After were had our pics taken with all the charcters were head out to play. Expected alot of people there but was surprised that there were hardly anyone in the park. First the Pirates, then Big Thunder, then Splash, which we were stuck for 15 mins at the bottom of the last falls. If your want to drive someone crazy just have them listen to those two buzzards over and over again. The good news was that they gave us each 5 fast passes the didn’t expired until the next monday.

Then it was on to The Haunted Manison, then It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, Philamagic, Buzzlightyear, Space Mountain, People Mover and The Speedway. Since we have done all the major ride we decided to head out and go back to the hotel to rest a little before heading back to Epcot. As we were walking out the rest of the guests that were missing earlier were walking in. So we had managed to do all the above by 1PM.


How was breakfast at CP? We are having breakfast there for the first time next month.


Pasadena, MD! That is close to me. Wow, you did a lot already. Looking forward to hearing more.


The breakfast at CP was excellent and the characters spent alot of time with us.

Now to answer Dopey question, the only part that was open was Dumbo rides the reat is still being worked on. It going be at least until 2014 before everything is completed.

Now back to the trip.

After resting for a couple of hours by the pool and having a couple of drinks we headed back to Epcot. As we went in we took time to do Spacesip Earth. Was really surprise how much it has change since we last rode the ride. Enjoyed the last part alot.

After that we decided that we were hungry so off to Germany and food. DW had the Schinken Nudel (Pasta Gratin with Ham and Cheese) and I had the
Roast Bratwurst in a Pretzel Roll, and then we shared the Apple Strudel with Karamel-Vanilla Sauce. Top off with a good glass of german Beer. While we were drinking our beer we had to call the oldest DD to wish her a happy 46th birthday. Yes we are get old. Then the DW had to do some shopping and looking for the next 3 hrs. Today only cost me 1 small ring in China, so far so good. It was time to watch IllumiNations so it back to American Pavilion to watch it. We like to be on that side so we can take our time wwalking back to the bus and hope that it won’t be to bad of a wait. Tonight it was only a 10 min wait not bad at all.

Day 3.
Wake up at 7:30 and prepare for a day at The Studios. Ate breakfast at the resort, Sauage and Gravy and of course the Beignets that are excellent. This was the first time I had have them was impressed. Then off to the buses and more fun. Walked into the park at 9:10 and went straight to Toy Story to pick up Fast Passes. Got two for 11:05 to 12:05. Saw that the line wasn’t out the door and decided to try the standby line. 15 mins later we were on the ride and had a ball. DW won but I get a chance to destro her in a couple of hours. Then on to the Muppet show, after that it was Stars Wars, then off to Tower of Terror then back to do Toy Story again. I do get my revenge on her and slaughter the daylight out of her. She said that it was her gun that didn’t work right, but you all know that just an excuse. I wanted to do Rock and Roll rollercoaster but she put her footdown on that one. She can’t do loops. So we went on the movie ride and then headed out. We took the boat over to Boardwalk and ate at the ESPN club for lunch. We shared a Philly Cheesesteak and had a Sam Adams each. Got to keep the alcohol level up. Then headed back to the hotel for a rest. We headed back to Epcot at 6 for supper at Via Napoli for 7:45. We were stationed in Rimini Italy for 2 yrs and we have never been able to find a good pizza since. We were seated at 7:45 and order our pizza and of course a pitcher or good italian beer. The waitress was from a little town just south of where we were station so we were will taken care of and the manager was from Pisa(liverno) since we order in Italian many of the waiters and waitress stop by. The pizza taste just like it did when were were there. The only difference is that they do the Prosciutto in strips instead of cutting it up into chunck as the northern italians do.

After finishing off about 3/4 of the pizza and all of beer we head back to the resort. I can eat alot of pizza but a large for 2 people is too much. One individual is enough for 2 normal eaters. But I highly suggest it you want to try a true Italian pizza eat here.


I’m loving every minute of your trip report!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time, and I can’t wait to hear more.


Sorry but Sandy cause some problems for our family was gone to help them out a bit. They never lost power but they did have some tree damage but nothing that hit any buildings. Just cleanup mainly. We had about 15 mins of wind and alot of rain but that all. We were saved by the placement of the mountains around us.

Now back to Day 4.

Got up had breakfast at the resort and headed off for Animal kingdon. Again noone around hardly. We walked right on to Sarfari ride. The bus was only about 1/2 full. The driver took his time for us and I was able to get alot of pictures on the savannah of all the animals. A guy in the back seat lost his straw panama hat to a giraffe. It must had taste good because there was nothing left out it. That will teach him to hang out to far.
The it was to the Everest Expedition. Again only a 5 min wait here. DW never been on it and now she said she will never get on it again. It really shook up her back. Then off to finding Nemo, cute musical and it gave my knee and her back a rest. After Nemo we headed for the Flametree BBQ. We had to have our ribs and onion rings and of course some beer to wash it down with. After lunch we walked around the tree of life taking pictures and taking our time so we weren’t to long watching in line for the Lion King. We alway hit this. After that we headed back to the resort for a nap. We are starting to slow down so we need our rest.
After a 3 hrs nap we headed back to Epcot for supper. We had plan to go to the Wildness lodge but cancelled that and decided to check out some more of the food. We hit Argentina, she had the beef empanada and I had the Grilled Beef Skewer. Both not bad I would suggest them. Then she had to shop again. This time it cost more than last. 3 tee shirts, a Tinkerbell Jacket, and 2 baby outfits for her great niece that will be born sometime in Jan.
Then back to the resort. Headed for the bar and spent a couple of hours listening to the guy play. He was pretty good. I did find out that if you get the beignets with out the powder sugar and get butter and honey they taste like sofiapedas that we used to get at the mexican restuarants when we were in Texas.


Day 5.
Sunday this day we usually rest and take our time. I called last night and was able to get breakfast at CP again for 9AM. This surprised us. Didn’t think we would get a table.
Headed out for the MK at 8 AM and was at the park at 8:40. We just misseed the bus so it was a 15 min wait at the bus stop. We were seated just a little before 9AM. There weren’t that many people at CP another surprise. Got to interact with the character a lot more than usually. DW had Tigger on her lap and feeding her melons. Wish we had the camera but left it back at the room today. After breakfast we decided to hita couple of the rides. Splash Mountain and this time it didn’t breakdown. Big Thunder and the Speedway. Wanted to see if DW could keep the car on the track this time. Last time we were there she managed to get the car hung up on the track. Only a woman driver could possibly be able to do that. That why she doesn’t have a driver license anymore she to dangerous on the main roads. She managed to keep it from leaping anything this time. After that it was Buzzlightyear again. I showed no mercy.
Then she was in a shopping mood. Maybe I shouldn’t been so unmerciful now. The rest of the day was shopping MK, Epcot, and DTD. At least I didn’t have to carry anything we had it all sent to the room. My poor checking account will need a transfusion once we get home. But at least all the xmas shopping is done. We did eat a late lunch at Earl of Sandwich (split an Earl Club and had a couple of beers) and had dessert at Ghirardelli (Slit the Golden Gate and watch the kids play with P & F. By the time we took the boat back to the resort it was 8PM. Tired but not really pooped.

Day 6.
Had breakfast at the resort and went back to the room and packed up all the gifts into our shipping boxes we brought with us and then headed down to the store at the resort to send then to the kids and home. Now it off to Epcot and a slow crawl around the park. First stop Soaring, only a 10 min wait the crowd is alot smaller this week. Then we decided to start at Canada and just enjoy ourselves by watch the people and having a beer. Then we stopped off at England at the pub and watch the show from one of the tables outside in front of the pub. I been caught a few times to be a actor with them but lucky for me the took pity on my knee due to the brace I had on that day. Remind me to take it with me everytime we go. Only 2 weeks now before it get operated on. The tuesday b/4 Thanksgiving. The doctor says it on 3 small slits. I should be able to enjoy Thanksgiving. Then onto france the place is getting crowded again. Had to have a crepe. Skip Morrocco beer not up to my standards. Then to Japan had to have a Kiern.
Then on to The American Pavilion and watch the show inside. Came out and wife had a salad I had a hot dog and we both had a Sam Adams. We decide to sit there and watch the people for awhile. After about an hour we start of for Germany and more beer and we shared a pretzel. That the first one that we every had down there. It was very good.
We sat on the bench looking out over the lake for over an hour. There was a nice cool breeze coming off the lake. Then it was off again. The next stop was Norway. We decided to do the ride since there was no line out the door. We always enjoy this ride.
But we skipped the movie.
By this time it was starting to get dark and with all the beer in us we decided to head home to the resort. Arriving at the resort we stopped in the store an got a couple of Coors Lights then back to the room. I wonder why my knee doesn’t hurt.

Day 7.
Last day here we slept in for some strange reason and woke up around 8:30. Clean up and had breakfast at the resort and headed out around 10AM. Took the bus to The Studios and then the boat to the Swan and hobbled over to the Fantasy Golf Course. and a round on the fairway course. It is hot out here today when we got to the course it was already 89 out and climbing. I shot a 62 she shot higher. I learned my lesson from Buzz don’t rub it in. Then we were off to Epcot. She had to try the Greek Salad in a pita and I try Linda Perfect Maine Lobster Roll. She was disappointed with it and the Lobster roll was just so so. After being married to a Mainiac for 46 yrs who doesn’t like seafood I know what a lobster roll is supposed to taste like going back to her home quite a few times and being stationed there for almost 8 yrs.
It is really hot we both grab a cold powerade and head out of the park. Back at the resort we stopped at the pool bar and had a nice cold beer. We decide to head DTD for a nice icecream sundae. By the time we got there it was 97 and a heat index of 104. We were dying of thirst. We both got bottles of water and drank them down and sat in the shade eating our ice cream cones. Got 2 more bottle of water and they were down also. Decided to end our vacation before we became over heated. Headed back to the resort to pack for the trip home. Picked up our boarding passes on the way to the room and a couple more Coors Lights.

Day 8.
Got up at 5AM and showered for the trip home call for a bell hop he arrived and we took the luggage for check in. No one in line infront of us. Bags left 10 mins later. We went and had breakfast. My last breakfast was beignets with no powder sugar but with butter and honey. Oh how I will miss those. Picked up at 7:15 and off to the airport. TSA really know how to screw up security that for sure. Took us almost an hour to get thru. Only had to wait 20 mins at the gate before boarding. Arrived at Baltimore at 12:35 and were picked up by DD and headed home after dropping her of at work. Got home at 4:30. Tired but happy.


Thanks for the TR! You sure do tour differently than we do, but I like to hear how others see WDW…