Disneyfan's trip report


Sorry it has taken so many days to get a TR on here. We have been VERY busy since we got back! I will start with the first day…Sunday 9/27

We woke up after a LATE night out and still had to pack. I KNOW! So we quick packed, headed to Target so my BF could get a new camera. $250 later we leave and head to my moms. My dad takes us to the airport and we are FINALLY SO CLOSE! lol We are seated near a former pr wrestler Razor Ramone. Dave knew who he was…I had NO clue lol. We got to MCO around 410pm. Headed to POP Century.

Unfortunately there were no upgrades available. We went to room 9327 in the 80s building. We were RIGHT near the computer pool, but far enough that we didn’t hear a peep out of ANYONE. We left and headed to EPCOT, sans cameras. The BF packed BOTH! lol.

We hit the EAT TO THE BEAT concert w/Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They were pretty good! but for some reason I had it in my head we would be seeing Cherry Poppin Daddies. After that we headed to Maelstrom and than home. We didn’t stay to see Illuminations b/c we wanted it to be special on Wed when we came back and boy was it!

Ok…I will be back later w/ a better entry for Monday lol!


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I am glad you’re writing your trip report, you know everyone is always looking for something good to read :biggrin:


Yes! Eagerly awaiting your report.


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Ok! On to Monday 9/28!

I wake up at like 6am! lol. I let Dave sleep while I got in the shower and did my morning stuff. I woke him up around 645am. By the time we were both up and ready to go it was roughly 7am. We hit the POP Century food court for breakfast. Both of us got the bounty platter and 2 drinks (I was LOVING the two drink thing in the am)…about 745 we hit the bus for DHS. We had pretty good luck with the bus system. If there was a long line, they usually had a back up bus! I was very impressed.
We got to DHS and stood in line for about a half an hour before we were let into the park to see the opening. LOVED IT! I had never seen it before. It was VERY cute! After they let us completely into the park we high tailed it to Tower of Terror. This was not MY first experience on the ride. However, it was David’s. We got the first ride of the day! He seemed mesmerized by the opening show…said it was really cool. We were seated in the back left of the elevator, personally, my fav spot. As soon as we hit the heat I looked and him…said I love you…and then we heard the click! lol. He screamed, I screamed…he frantically searched for a handle and couldn’t find one, so he kept flopping everywhere lol. When we got off he just looked at me and said “not so good after the bounty platter” lol He didn’t like it!

Onto Aerosmith’s Rockin Rollercoaster. He of course LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this one! As did I. Again, another walk on.

from there we kind of wondered over to the hat. Met Chip and Dale…and then hit the Great Movie Ride, Muppets 3D, and we were going to do Midway Mania, but wound up getting a fast pass. The wait was insane. We did however stand in line to meet Woody and Buzz for about 15 mins, but the line didn’t move so we opeted to go do some other stuff.

We had lunch at Pizza Planet. He had a pizza and I had the chicken salad and a bag of chips. It wasn’t bad, but didn’t keep me filled. He said the pizza was just OK. We played in the arcade for a little bit and then did some more fun stuff! We hit the BLOCK PARTY and got really good seats. We were sitting on the curb across from American Idol. The Toy Story float stopped directly in front of us. This is also were we discovered that the best snack option on a ridiculously hot day was the frozen cokes. I think we had like 5 the whole week lol.

After the block party, we kind of ran all over to meet some characters. We got The Incredibles, Mickey, Monster’s Inc, and Cars! We also watched the stunt show. Dave loved it, I thought it was a bit long. From that to The Backlot tour. He didn’t want to do it, but I made him…he liked it. Thought all the movie relics were cool! haha.
Finally did Mindway Mania around 6pm. LOVED IT! It was really cool. hurts your hand after the first game tho! lol.
After that we headed home. The only thing we didn’t do that day in the park was the Indiana Jones tour, and the One Mans Dream, oh and the Disney Animation thing. But I think what we got accomplished was pretty **** good!

We headed back to the Hotel and got freshened up and headed to Downtown Disney. We had ressies at Raglan Road at 930. We hsopped for a bit and then decided to see if they could seat us early…THEY DID!

I got the Kevin’s Ham and he got Jus Chicken. We got the Chicken Lickers as an appetizer. LOVED IT! I even enjoyed the Irish Soda bread with the guiness reduction! Then came dessert. I have heard rave reviews about the bread pudding…LIES! ALL LIES! I couldn’t even get thru three bites. So I ate some of Daves! haha. He got the chocolate thing. Dunbrody’s Kiss or something. TO DIE FOR! It was sweet in all the best ways. The bread pudding was just…I can’t even describe it.

After dinner we decided to call it quits. Back to POP we go!

Animal Kingdom in the AM!


good report so far keep it up and lots of more pics we all love to see pics


the pic of you guys with mickey is so cute!!!:happy:


oh noooo, did they mess around with the bread pudding? I can’t believe it. Sorry that it wasn’t to your liking. We’ll suggest something much better for your next trip :biggrin:


So, we hit Tuesday!

We wake up and need to get to the MK bus by 710am! We have bfast ressies w/Chef Mickey! W JUST missed the bus! So, we had to wait. and wait…only time we really waited in line. We finally got to The Contemporary at like EXATLY 745am! (the time of the res) Breakfast was pretty good. The breakfast pizza was to die for. But, if you put bacon on something, I am bound to eat it. ****…look at me…Ill pretty much eat anything! lol.

the character interaction was pretty good. Goofy,Minnie,Mickey,Donald and Pluto all came over to take pictures. We were there roughly an hour or so. Then on to AK!

I have never been a big fan of this park. There is just something about it. But, I was determined to ride Expedition Everest. And I did…and I was disappointed. The ride itself was ok, but the Yeti just didn’t do anything. Plus, I found it odd that they show you the video of the Yeti ripping the track AFTER you have already seen it. But, again, the disappointment of the Yeti overtook the thrill of the ride. We did all the AK usuals. The BF liking DINOSAUR the bestas did I I forgot that it actually jumps out at you lol.

We had to get a dast pass for Kilamanjaro Safari, and it wasn’t even worth it. Hardley any of the animals were out. Oh, we did the Kali River Rapids too. Guess who got soaked…yep! Moi. I was wearing white too. Not the best move on my part. I wound up buying another shirt. We were also disappointed in The Festival of the Lion King. I found it annoying. The best part was Timon and the animatronic Pumba!

After that we kind of called it a day. We didn’t even stay for the parade. We went back to POP and took a nap and then headed to The Boardwalk for The Big River Grille. SOooooooooooooooo DELISH! I got the steak and shrimp, and Dave got the NY strip. Oh, and I also got a pineapple margarita. YUM! and a strawberry mint lemonade!

After that we headed to Jelly Rolls the dueling Piano bar. I sooooo wish they had these in Philly. I would go in a heart beat! It was so much fun. Plus the one guy liked us cause we kept requesting The Allman Bros! lol After that we headed home. Probably like midnight. Soooo sleepy! Plus we had a long day in EPCOT the next day!!

Oh and BTW the Boardwalk looks NOTHING like an AC boardwalk! lol


We were there at the same time at Pop!! We were in the 50’s building facing the lake!! Great report!


The scene–Disney’s POP Century, 8am. I wake up. Yes. I know it is late! but, we had a rough night the night before, and figured we would sleep in. MISTAKE! We ate breakfast at the hotel, and were at Epcot by 10am. First thing we did…got our picture taken with Stitch. The BF loves him! lol. as do I. He is soooo dang cute! Also saw Daisy Duck! =) No pic tho. The line was NUTS!
From there we went to Spaceship Earth. Were, I found out Siemens sponsers it. My BF works for Siemens in Vineland NJ! Also, found out they do the fireworks as well!
He somehow got me on Mission Space. ORANGE! Yes…ORANGE! When I went on this the first time, back in 2003, it wasn’t even 100% open yet. It was in its trial stage I guess. Well, it made me soooo sick. This time, it was a BIT better, but not much. I still wanted to die. lol. But, this time I was able to stay on my feet and not vomit!
We hit the usual spots Test Track, Innoventions and the Finding Nemo Ride. I was sooooooooo disappointed in it. I saw like 7 real fish. The concept is cool…but in all honesty, the seagulls yellimg “MINE MINIE” were more interesting to me. What did I do that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED?!


Could not have loved it more! It was sooooo cool! lol. I just wish that they would cut to the new scene a little better. Maybe make you go thru clouds or something.

Onto “The countries”
First stop was The UK, were we saw Alice in one of the shoppes. We waited for her to go outside, as I figured she was on break. She was soooooooooooooooooooo tiny! I mean Im tall at 5’9 but she only came to my shoulder! lol

We went around and ate at The Liberty Inn Publick Food court. We waited close to 20 minutes for a wrap and a burger. No lie. Dave was not happy. The two people behind the counter had two speeds. Stop and dead. I will say the Pecan rocky Road Moose was REEAAALLLLY GOOD!

We basically just wondered in and out of some shoppes, and did the Mexico boat ride for the next few hours. We met Belle and the Beast as well as Snow White and Donald in Mexico. =) That all made me happy. I had never met them before. The line for Aladdin and Jasmine was too long. We wound up going back to the front of the park and doing Honey I Shrunk the Audience before heading back to Tokyo Dining for dinner.

Our ressies were for 840pm. We asked if we could have a window seat. We were even willing to wait. Well, no need. at exactly 840 our pager went off and we got the BEST window seat. When Illuminations came on, we were just fininshing our dinner, and got to watch it sitting down with romantic lighting. They plugged the sound in thru the restaurant so that made me happy. The Pagoda thing was a little in the way, but not so much that we didn’t enjoy it!

BTW…TOKYO DINING WAS AWESOME! I got the Tempura. It was soooo good. the seaweed salad was to die for. I got the chocoalte ginger cake for dessert. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good lol. Had an odd taste. Dave got a steak w/ Miso sauce on the side. He just ate the steak…I used the miso on my rice! lol

Around 945 we headed to the bus. Then to the hotel. A long day (starting at 745am ending at midnight) in the MK was next…we needed to be rested!


Great TR. You say next to Razor Ramon, too cool! Lovin your pics too.


Yeah, my BF basically poohed himself lol. Well, I am up to what Thursday? The MK day!

We woke up and went to Bfast at 1900 Park Fare w/Mary Poppins, alice and The Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. The character interaction was alot better than the Chef Mickey Bfast, but the food wasn’t up to par. We hardley ate anything to be honest. The omlet bar was good tho.

We took the boat back to MK and I cried when I saw the castle. Im not going to lie. It was only the 2nd time in my life that I had seen it. It is just soooooooo magical! We took some pictures and made our way down Main Street. I bought a witch minnie ears head band lol. I loved it! By the time we got in front of the castle, it was about 10 minutes before the Share a Dream show was on. We were like 2 rows back from the stage. It was AMAZING! I cried again when the princess’ came out. God, I am such a girl! lol. We hit Frontier Land and Adventure land, and made our way back to the Center hub. We sat on a bench and waited for the parade for about 45 minutes. It was worth it tho. We were DIRECTLY in the middle of the hub, at the front of the circle. The parade came to us! It was a pretty good parade too.

From there we hit Tomorrowland. Stitch’s great Escape was AWESOME! I loved it! So did the BF! He is a BIG Stitch fan. I wasnt thrilled with The Laugh Floor tho. The technology was good, but it just wasn’t for me. We dilly dallied thru and decided to go grab a bite to eat. We walked up to Tony’s Town Square as the opened. No res but got seated right away. The food was good. the Pumpkin Cheesecake WAS NOT! lol.

From there we hit the Halloween Party! SOooooooooooooooooo much fun! We got some good pictures and I got to meet The Queen of Hearts. For some reason I was obsessed with getting to meet her. She tried to steel my boyfriend…lol. but, I won! lol

The parade was good, they sent the headless horseman too early tho. It was a good 15 mins before the parade started. I even enjoyed the Villians Mix and Mingle, and the Hallowishes! We had good seats for that too! =) We only did a few rides since we were basing every thing around the time for the fireworks and parade. No trick or treating tho. we used the bags to carry the souvenier mugs we bought lol.

We headed back to the hotel around 1130. Back to the MK in the am to do Fantasy Land.

When we got there we took some pics w/Characters and then headed to Fantasyland. The line for Ariel was ridiculous, so I never did get to meet my fav princess! We did get to meet the Fairy Godmother tho. It was kind of neat. We hit the classics, you know, small world, snow white, peter pan. Oh, and I did the Philharmagic for the first time. It is my new fav at the MK! LOVED IT! I teared up again at the lIttle Mermaid part! DON"T JUDGE ME! lol. I had finally had enough. I was tired, my heels hurt and I was hot. So we said goodbye to the MK, and headed to the hotel. We did the pool for the afternoon and then headed to DD for dinner. We had Raglan Road again. I got the sheppards pie. Im not going to lie. I didn’t care for it. It was reallllllllllllllllllllly salty!

Back to the Hotel early since the ME was picking us up at 445am! It hurt! lol. I passed out in the airport and again on the plane!

And so ends my WDW trip. I can’t wait to go back!


Some from the Halloween party. Poor Baloo and Timone. Noone was in line to meet them bc Jane and that dumb ape were in the same room! I felt bad lol


All 7 of Snow Whites Dwarfs were out…the line was insane!


What a great time! I would love to do an adult trip to the World…sounds like it worked out quite well. Never knew you could watch Illuminations from Tokyo Dining! Your pictures are adorable. (I cry at Philharmagic, too!):wub:


I am so sorry that you don’t like the AK too much. I felt like that with the Studios until this year, when I took the blinders off and gave that park another try and now I love it.

The yeti is broken from what they say and so it doesn’t do what it did when the ride first opened up.

If Anita Answer was still there, we could ask her what the heck is going on with it.