Disneyfever's pictures


Here are som pictures of the All Star Sports


Thanks for posting the pictures Disneyfever! I just found this post.


great pictures!!! :c)


:biggrin: Thanks! Actually, we took a lot more pictures, but I am not very good at downloading them. I didn’t know I had posted any. :blush:


I can’t believe I missed this. I love looking at pictures. Thanks for posting them. :flowers:


The pictures are great! How did you like All Star Sports? My DS would love to stay there.



I’m embarrassed about my pictures, because I don’t know how to post them correctly! I have many more, but they are so small when I attach them.
MJD, my 9 yr old DS loved the ASSports. He loves baseball and football a lot, so he got a big kick out of the large icons. There is a football helmet that is two stories high. He also loved the food court. The resort worked out fine for us. The room was the right size for three people. (It would also be fine for 2 kids). The pools were average. We paid the extra $10 per night to get a room in the Surf’s Up building. But if we go there again, we won’t do that. Unless you get a room by the pool, then I think any of the buildings would be fine. The baseball building has it’s own pool. The laundry room is by the baseball pool. But all of the buildings are close together, so I don’t think it matters much which building you get. I liked the football building the best. The buses pick up at this resort first, so you will always have a seat. We had fun here. I think most boys would love all the sports icons.


More pics:


I guess I can only post 5 at a time, so here goes:


and a few more:


and yet, some more:


almost finished:


on the home stretch:


there ya go! you got the pictures bigger…love the pictures…
i think DBF would pay nine million dollars a nite to stay at ASSports but I can’t bring myself to go (not because I dont love the values- because i do- just because i am not a sports girl)…so its good to hear that you enjoyed it…maybe one day i’ll give in!


Thanks Cinderbella! I went with my DH and DS, who are both sports freaks, so of course they loved it! Of the resorts we have been to, I liked the looks of the POFQ the best. But, I haven’t been to many yet. I would like to stay at a different resort each time.