Disney/Hallmark ornaments are out


For all you collectors out there the Hallmark ornaments are out and there are some cute ones this year. I saw what was out yesterday and would have bought them all if I hadn’t just spent a ton of money shopping already. I already know the Cars ornament is going to be my DS new ornament this year. We missed the Nemo ornament a couple of years ago so I’m going to get this one early.

Here are some of them but for some reason they are not all on here. I don’t remember what’s missing besides a sleigh being pulled by Goofy (I think).

Hallmark.com - Search Results


Thanks for the update. I buy one or two Hallmark Disney ornaments every year. For some reason I just love my Cruella De Vil ornament, I really have no reason why, it’s not very holidayish. I have also bought my daughter the Barbie Holiday, now Celebration, ornament every year since 1992 or 1993.


Sweet… Thanks DT, and thank you for the link


I love Hallmark ornaments. I definately will be getting the Cars set also…maybe I will go today. I do have some cards to get! :happy:


Thanks for the link! I like the princess set and the princess tower. My boys, however, would love the Cars-so I think a trip to Hallmark is in order!


Thank you for the link! :happy:


There are more if you go here.

Hallmark.com - Search Results


Thanks for the link. I love the ornaments!!


OOoOOooO, I LOVE the “Precocious Tink” & “Princess Tower!” OoOoOO, and look at the Pirates of Carribean one with the dog/key! I LOVE IT! OH MY GOSH, and look at Aurora & Prince Philip dancing on the cloud!! Wow, if you press a button her dress changes color :wub:

I am DEFIANTELY tucking this link away, especially when I receive my “secret person” for the ornament exchange :happy:


Thanks for the link, I wonder why I didn’t get all of them when I searched.


The Tink was REALLY tiny, maybe an inch tall.


Wow, I’ve never done hallmark disney ornaments before, but I love them! Thanks for the link DT! DH’s checkbook will not be so thankful, though!