Did any one get an email to be a beta tester for a new website. It is called DisneyINsidEARS.
My friend did, she said it might be like a social group, like facebook, for Disney
she had to take quiz on DW to get in and now just needs to wait about 48 hrs until her registration complete and can officially check it out.

Sounds really cool, so i was wondering if anyone else got it and is actually in it?


I know zannaland.com (pretty awesome Disney blogger) has a profile on there, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with it. Looks like its a way to connect disney enthusiasts with people planning vactaions etc, an extension of the moms panel in a way? Would be fun to be a part of!


Wow, GTK, thanks.
I unfort. don’t use the moms panel too much, i rather the forums. :blush: