Disneyland 50th Podcasts


Hi everyone, I just downloaded the newest podcast (dated 12/22) once I realized it was FREE off of iTunes. Have any of you downloaded any of the Disneyland 50th Podcasts? They update you on everything new that’s happening at the Resort(I think). I’m about to go listen to it before I go to bed, I’ll tell you how it is.


Free? That’s is so cool. Please tell us what you think of it. I am very interested. :cool:


Free is a very cool price! I must check it out! :biggrin:


Here are the links so you can download MP3’s, so you can play on your computer, of the podcast from DIsney.:smile: It is Free :wink:

Home Page for Pod Cast

Direct link for mp3 download of
January 5, 2006
Disney Theme Parks and the Stars Who Love Them

Direct link for mp3 download of
December 29, 2005
In Search of Expedition Everest

Direct link for mp3 download of
Sun, 25 Dec 2005
Plugged In on a Disney Christmas Morning



Wow…cool!!! Thanks for the links R2G! :wink:


Ug! I have got to get one of those Ipods!


Podcasts are great but here’s some tips for you newbies:

a) You don’t need an iPod to listen. Just download and listen on your computer.

b) Those shows you mentioned are kind of old - not new at all> Disney has all new podcasts updated weekly - mostly based out of Walt Disney World, featuring info on EE and lots of interviews. Check out the main page of this site for details.

You folks would LOVE the official Disney World Podcast. It’s only about 3 weeks old:
Official Disney Podcast

c) Anyone use iTunes here? Look up the word Disney in their Podcast section. There are TONS of free shows - great shows- to listen to. Music, info, interviews, history, more. Really easy – and again- you can just listen on your computer if you don’t have an iPod or Mp3 player.

d)One of my favorites is Inside the Magic- a show made by an Orlando based fan who offers great ride-throughs, rare movies, news, etc…
Inside The Magic

Sites like WDWMagic and Laughing Place also have their own podcasts!
e) You will find there are people out there more obsessed with Disney than you ever thought they could be!


Thanks for the info Geeman, DH surprised me with an iPod for Christmas and it’s still in the box, guess I should take it out.


Do it, Tink. You won’t be disappointed. And look. There are so many choices available.

And again – these are all free!


sorry it took so long, but the podcast was great! It was the first one I’ve ever listened to, but it was very entertaining… It’s a perfect thing for a Disney Fan.


Oh I love the free DLR podcasts, I always have them automatically downloaded when a new one comes out, their great. :smile:


Yeah, I just subscribed (also free) so they download automatically :smile:


yeah, I’ve been subscribed to the Disney Podcasts for awhile now, I :heart: them!
They’re great for long drives in the car too.