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In Aug. (8-22 to 8-36-06) I will be visiting DL with my nephew (age 14) who is autistic. When we visited WDW,t he last three trips, we were able to get a special pass for him, so that we didn’t have to wait in line - which causes a meltdown :crying: :frown: with him, if the wait is more than 10 min. & the heat is another consideration. Does DL have the same system for Autistic guests as WDW does???
Also, Shane, my nephew has a PASSION and i mean PASSION for trains. Trains can calm him down from his worst moments. I took him on the train tour @ WDW, I know that DL does not have a train tour (I called DL Guest Relations today and the Cast member on the phone acted like I was crazy:angry: for asking)… I remember that there are two seats, directly behind the engineer and if you wait for an available train, you can have those two seats. Is that still available?
Your help is sooooo…appreciated.:heart:


I am not certain as I have not been to DL ever. I would imagine that DL accomidates special needs guests just like WDW does. AS for the train thing, someone on here should be able to answer that for you. Hang in there.


um as far as i know you cannot go in those seats on the train in disneyland. But i’m not positive. Hope he has a blast.


I believe Disneyland DOES accomodate with a special pass.

I only know this because I’ve seen some “special passes” flashed to CMs…

As far as I know, Disneyland won’t allow you to get into the Locomotive compartment with the Engineer.

They will with the Monorail, but not the train.


Ohhhhh 626 about the monorail right now they are not doing that. It is only going one way right now…(tomorrowland-dtd or dtd-tomorrowland) and they are not letting anyone in the front or the back!! and as far as i’ve heard it will be shut down in september!!


Dl does have a train tour. It starts at main street goes to new orleans square mickey’s toon town and tomorrowland. Also in between tomorrowland and main street there is the grand canyon and primeval world. Its really fun and a nice ride!!


When did they stop that?

My heir Apparent and I got to ride in February when they were doing the half track shuffle…


Yes, Disneyland does accommodate autistic guests with a special assistance pass.

Make sure they do not hand you a pass with a wheelchair stamp on it, however.

Coming from experience working in attractions, you must make sure the guest service person issuing the pass understands that your child is autistic. A lot of guest service people will not take the time to understand the specific need, and they will give you a pass with a general wheelchair stamp. This will NOT help you at a lot of attractions, as a lot of attractions (such as Astro Orbitor) are considered “handicap accessible” in their normal queue.

The stamp you want to make sure you receive on your pass is an “alternate entrance” pass, which looks like two arrows, one pointing north and another branching out to the left or right. Also appropriate is the stamp that looks like a stoplight. The stoplight is not often used, though, it is usually reserved for special cases like Make-A-Wish children who are receiving their “final wish.”

Anyway, sorry, I blab. :laugh: But you want to go to guest relations to get your special assistance pass, be sure and specify that your child is autistic, and make sure they give you something akin to that alternate entrance symbol. (The 2 arrows.) That will assure that your child is ushered into the attraction using an entrance (a) with a short wait, and (b) (as is needed by many autistic children) an entrance that does not encounter large crowds of people.

Hope that helps! :mickey:


It started (I believe) sometime around March, due to the work being done in the lagoon. They are having to retrain all the monorail drivers using the one-way system, and I think they now discourage allowing people to ride in the front because the drivers are easily distracted.

As far as I know you can still ride in the rear car, but I could be wrong there.

Luckily it’s only temporary! :mickey:


DZNYGRL, Thank you so much for the great info. I know @ WDW, the Guest Services Cast member, actually spoke with Shane to determine his status, which assured me and should most people that he is and has special needs.
It made the trip so much more enjoyable for Shane. The only problem i experienced with the Special needs pass, was the attitude of the guests standing in kine and seing Shane go ahead of them, the comments they made were really cruel, it is very obvious (Physically) that Shane is a special needs kid and the lack of sencitivity on some people is absolutely heart breaking. At one point, my husband took Shane on an attraction (can’t remember which one) and the guest, a grown man in his 30’s yelled out and obsenity because Shane was moving into the Fast Pass Lane. i was so proud of my husband, when he turned to the Rude Guest and asked him “Would you like to trade your healthy kid for mine???” people in the queu, all cheered and applauded my husband for that. Obviously, there are more Sensitive and compassionate people than there are heartless ones.
sorry about my rambling…Again Thank you so much for your great info & advice.


So how did it work out?

Any problems?

Was Shane able to get onboard the Monorail?


Experiment6-2-6, thanks for asking. Shane had a great time. FEI (for everyone’s information), the Disneyland RR, does have 1 locomotive with two seats that sit outside but directly behind the engineer, in the same car. I asked the conductor if we could possibly stand in line for Shane to ride in those seats and he pulled us out of line and put us at the gate where special needs/wheelchair guests wait. When that SPECIAL LOCOMOTIVE WITH THE TWO SEATS ARRIVED, THE CONDUCTOR PUT US RIGHT ON THOSE SEATS. What a wonderful Cast Member. Shane enjoyed himself so much (You always know when he is loving something, he is totally quiet and his eyes are as big as saucers) plus, he had a million questions for the engineer, which were all answered with great enthusiasm by the engineer. The absolutely best part was that when we got off the train, Shane grabbed me around the neck and gave me a big hug (which is totally out of the norm for Shane, physical contact is usually not pleasant for him) and said “THANKS AUNTIE DI, THIS IS THE BEST TIME I HAVE EVER HAD AT DL”…Tears welled up in my eyes, as they are now, just remembering that memory. I told Shane that it was the best time I had ever had at DL too. Can’t wait for the next trip.


I know that you, more than most appreciates the SPECIAL" treatment" that Shane received while we were at DL. let me know how your “SPECIAL GUY” was made to feel special on your next trip in 07. DH & I are going to WDW/AKL & POR 12-16 to 12-23-06. It is our annual Anniversary trip, but I have to admit, I wish Shane, my nephew (who lives in WY), could make the trip with us. Through his eyes…everyday is magic.