Disneyland christmas 2012


seems like DLR might do what WDW is doing …hard ticket event for christmas…just a rumor right now,but it seems like the right now they are leaning towards doing it at DLR…to me this is just sad…oops meant 2011…sorry


You mean the MVMCP? I had no idea that they didn’t have that already? I am surprised.


that was my point awhile back about MNSSH,DLR didn’t host halloween it was DCA,this year they moved it to DL and took away the fireworks and parade ,the hard ticket event now was at DL,so no fireworks and no parade unless you attended the hard ticket event…DL never had hard ticket event for christmas,now the rumor has it they will have one next year,DLR is different from WDW more locals with a higher percentage of AP’S…sothe blow back has been significant,it was quite focipherous for halloween…some people are trying to organize a protest and boycott…another disney fan forum has 27 pages of comments and growing…