Disneyland Disappointment


After planning our trip to Disneyland for almost 2 years, and finally taking my 7-year-old as promised, I must say Disneyland was a BUST!
I can’t tell you if the problem was that we went on Thanksgiving day, or the fact that we built this trip up in her little mind for 2 years or what, but after 4 hours “inside” Disneyland, my kid was hating life and ready to leave.
This might get wordy…

  1. We arrived at the gates to park around 8:30am and after driving to our final parking destination, which took 45 minutes, and then another 40 to board the tram, and then almost an hour waiting in line to get through the gates, our whole family was exhausted! We had heard Thanksgiving weekend was a decent time to go but those rumors were WAY off. Each ride had a wait time of an hour no matter where we went so of course, my 7 year old didn’t want to wait and frankly, neither did we.
    What capped the day off for my daughter was the fact that in each instance she approached a Disney character, she was shrugged off. My daughter wanted her photo with “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan” and “Goofy”. Each of these characters pushed her away and gave the “bye bye” hand gesture to her as if they had something better to do. Maybe they did? But this was the last straw for my daughter who only rode the tea cup ride and storyland and was then ready to go after we grabbed something to eat… BTW…cost us almost $90 for 5 people to eat.
    I share the sentiment of my daughter, as does the rest of my family who went in saying that we will never again go to Disneyland as it’s a waste of time and money. My daughter got more enjoyment out of walking along the ocean at Huntington Beach which only cost me $4 to park.
    Maybe we caught the place on a bad day but I can’t ever remember Disneyland being this way in all the times I’ve gone. Granted, I haven’t been in 15 years, but still…thanks to this, I will probably never go back.


aww, that is so sad you had a bad time at the happiest place on earth! You should remember that because of the 50th celebration this year has no slow periods, it has been busy to the point of filling up and not letting more people in since May and there is a major cast member shortage going on. Did you only go there for one day?
I totally think you should go back again one day, the best (slowest) time is mid January, so try it then, and stay for 5-7 days, that way you can take breaks and not be worried if you only get to do 1 or 2 rides in a day. Take your time and just relax, take in the atmosphere.
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That is probably the absolute worst weekend of the year to go. Even the AP holders and the castmembers are blocked out. Schools are out for the week, and everyone has family in town. Where, pray tell, did you hear that it was a decent time to go?


I hope you will give it another try during a less busy season. I am a WDW purist and after growing up CONVINCED I would NOT like DL, I went for the first time in my 20’s and LOVE IT now!!!

It was probably the crowds, that can be a REAL dampener on the spirits in such a small park.


Oh, that is really too bad. You were horribly misinformed about going on the holiday. I’m sorry you had such a terrible time.

One of my best friends just took her two kids- 8 & 5- last Wednesday, and it was a perfect day. They ran from ride to ride with no waits at all. So really, it’s all in the timing.

As for the characters, you may have been approaching them when they were on their way to someplace else? They have very specific schedules. It’s hard to imagine the characters not treating someone right when they are in a meet and greet situation. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience.


I’m sorry you didn’t have a better day. I hope you give DL another chance on a less crowded day. Major holidays (and the week of) tend to be some of the most crowded days of the whole year. I am sorry you got bad information, I hope you give it another try.

Like Andrea said, the characters do have schedules and leave when that time comes. It stinks that your daughter hit the end of a shift several times. It took us 3 tries in 3 hours to meet all 5 Power Rangers last summer at WDW. It was worth it to us so we stuck it out.


That was my question. All of the guide books tell you that is one of the busiest times. I am so sorry you had a bad time, I do hope you give it another chance.


awe…im really sorrry.

this might sound kinda funny…but honestly i didnt enjoy disneyland UNTIL i got older. as a little kid i disliked it soo much (boring long lines…) but now…i love it!!! is disneyland not kid friendly? some days i doubt it…especially because the rides that take the LONGEST are the ones in storey book land, and those are every little kids dream to go on.

im sorry it was a bust!!!


:eek: The person that told you to go on such a Holiday needs to reimburse you for your trip!
I am sorry that this trip didn’t work out for you. I agree with all of the above.
Do give it another try at a better time it is a most wonderful park.

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Gosh…so sorry you had a bad experience. Please, please don’t give up on DL. As others have said Thanksgiving is a VERY crowded time to go…most locals avoid it.
Glad that you had a good time in H.B…it’s my hometown:)



DL is a wonderful, wonderful place. The place where it all began. We go every JAnuary and have very little crowds. Please revisit another time!



Mine too! Where did you go to high school? I went to Marina!


OMG!!! I went to Marina! GO VIKINGS!!!


OH NO! Thanksgiving weekend is one of THE MOST horrible time to visit the parks. Its EXTREMELY crowded, everything takes forever to get on and what not and its just packed like a bunch of sardines in a can. I myself dont even go on Thanksgiving because of how crowded it gets. Sorry to hear you didnt have a great time. When and if you go again besure its in the months of late January through early March or September through October, those happen to be some of the least crowded times at the resort. I hope you go again and have a better experience.


ProPhotog, I hate to hear about ANYTHING one plans for two years to turn out bad, esp something so costly.

I have only ever seen the characters wave away a child when 1.) They didn’t wait their turn in line and 2.) when they were on their way from point A to point B. With that said, those waive offs can be a bit firm, but I understand why they do it in those instances. I feel bad for you DDs experience with them, that could really ruin a trip for a child.

I hope after the bad experience wears off your family can give DL another try :mickey:


Yeah from i think the bad part was going on Thanksgiving!! My aunt and uncle were down there then and they said it was a nuthouse!!!


We were there the week of the 50th. It was great!!!
Stayed @ GC very nice.


Both my kids loved Disney (World) at age 2, but we go during the slowest times of the year and she gets a nap at the resort in the afternoon.


We were there on Thanksgiving Day too. It was VERY crowded. I will never go back there during that holiday. However, since we also spent several days before TDay, we were able to ride everything and have a great time. If TDay was the only day I went, it would have been very, very disappointing! I’m sorry you had such a bad time. I think that if you had visited before TDay, you might have had a much better time. In the days before TDay, we showed up as soon as the park opened and were able to ride many rides in the first two hours. It’s so sad that your daughter had a bad time. Even if the characters were busy, they still should have taken a moment to pay attention to her.