Disneyland Entrances


Anyone know how many entrances there are to Disneyland and Downtown Disney? We are not planning on staying on-site and are not going to be driving. Are we “stuck” staying at the hotels on the east side of the park or is there another entrance that I’m missing?


Most of Disney property is to the West of the park entrances and downtown disney, including parking, the Disneyland Hotel and the Pier Hotel. Because of this there are not a lot of hotels on the West side. 99% of the hotels are on the east side and down Harbor which almost forces you to walk-in from the East if you are staying off property. The hotel we stay at off property in the Howard Johnson. Although it is old the rooms are pretty clean, they have a great water are for the kids, and you can usually get it for fairly good rates. It is also within walking distance. Good luck on your search. Let us know if you have other questions.


As far as entrances, there are two into each park. Disneyland has the main entrance which faces South towards CA, and it has monorail entrance which picks you up at the West side of Downtown Disney and drops you off in Tommorland above the Subs. CA has the main entrance which faces North towards Disneyland. There is also an entrance from the GC Hotel, but be careful, sometimes they only allow hotel guests to use that entrance, especially in the morning during World of Color fastpass distribution.


Thanks for your help. I guess I was hoping that there would be another entrance that could be used.


There are multiple “Entrances” to Downtown Disney. Normally, however, if you take the trolley or shuttle from a neighboring hotel, it will drop you off at the East side of the Resort. The “West” side is where the parking garage tram drops off it’s passengers, who find themselves just north of the Disney Store in Down Town Disney.

To enter into Disneyland proper through the main gate, you are just as close from the East as you are from the West. But if you are coming from the East, it is a healthy walk to the monorail station, which is located where the Original Disneyland Hotel was.

The “East” drop off is actually closer to California Adventure, as the only other access is through the Grand Californian, and only if you are a guest of the hotel.

Hope this helps.


Great info., thanks!