Disneyland fans, come here for a sec'


Disneyland vintage slideshow

Oh my gosh, I found this slide show of old pics from Disneyland in the 1950’s & 60’s! :laugh: :heart: Can I just tell you that I LITERALLY got goose bumps seeing the “World Premiere of the Enchanted Tiki Room” banner on Main Street (photo #6) . Not to mention what I do right now to travel back in time for just ONE DAY to see Count Basie perform in DL, like the marquee was advertising in picture number 2.

Oh my gosh, and how about that cutie in his white tee & slim jeans in pic #4, & those sharp skipper uniforms in photo 15. I LOVE IT, TOTALLY! Pic #19 has to be my favorite. :heart: That poor kid with the huge bandage on his knee & those glasses. :laugh: :wub:

Also, seeing the mermaids on the rocks in the sumarine voyage ride pic & the old skyway buckets just made my heart MELT.

I was born in the wrong era, seriously.



I seriously just cried. :crying:

That slideshow is just so so so so so so so beautiful!!! :wub: I got goosebumps and felt all giddy looking at those pictures.

Thank you for sharing that Wishy!!!


I probably didn’t just help your Disneyland PDD. :laugh: It just made you want to go even more! WHOOPS! Now you’ll HAVE TO! :laugh: :happy:


Hey, you got the water-works flowing, so now I can use THAT against DH too and break down his objections! :laugh:


What an awesome slideshow…and I’ve never even been to DL!


Way cool pictures. All those ladies wearing dresses and heels at DL. Wish, you’re right, you were born in the wrong era!


Wow!!! I’ve never been to DL either and so want to go . . . it’s exactly like I envisioned it when I read about those “good ole days!” :laugh: Thanks so much for sharing!

My fav is the TEACUPS!!! Such a CLASSIC!!! :wub:


Ahhhh Wishy, thanks!!!:wub: I got that tingling up the spine and a big ol’ smile when I saw Caseys Train and Matterhorn mountain.

I shall be enjoying the modern version in less then 3 weeks!! Can’t wait!


Wish, really enjoyed those photos- loved the lady by the steam boat in the cool white hat and white glasses- very Dita, very Jackie :slight_smile:


Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing that link with us!! I can never get over how nicely everyone used to dress to go to the park. Aaah…the good ole days!


Never mind the kid’s bandage. Did you check out his outfit? Paisley shorts and a striped shirt. Quite the look!

Is that supposed to be Alice and the White Rabbit? It looks more like a waitress and the Easter Bunny.:laugh:


I like #9 and the white hat and sunglasses. Classically classy. And dad looks cool in his baggy polyesters.

The boy in the white tee and skinny jeans reminds me of my skinny son.

I have to agree Wish…I too am in the wrong era.


:laugh: :laugh: That’s EXACTLY what I thought too!!

It’s funny to think how these days, people would probably pass by a pair like that without even thinking twice. They’d just assume they were very “unique” park guests! :laugh:


That is so cool! I love that era. Thanks for the link Wishy!