Disneyland Handicapped Passes?


I’m sure people posted threads on this, but I care to repeat instead of filter…so

My mom is physically disabled (a skiing accident left her with a permanent leg brace and only so many steps in a day :nonono2:) and I’ve heard about this Disney pass for handicapped people.

is it for everyone in the party or just the person as hand? and how exactly do u get and what benefits do you get with it? I heard it takes you to the front of the line but then aparently they changed it so it takes you to the front of the fast pass line. I dunno, please help



If your mother is in a wheelchair you do not even need a pass, you just go to the handicap line, sometimes it takes a little longer to get on the ride. Or if you go to city hall on main st. the will give you a special needs pass, although they have gotten a little tight fisted on giving those out, I think too many people were abusing them (asking for them when they really just want to get through the line faster) but if you have one you can go through the fast pass line. and it is for the person in the wheelchair and up to 5 other people.


thank you very much for you information.

My mom is not in a wheelchair but I hope providing her handicapped parking sign with help aid in them releasing a pass to her and my party.
I went with my mom a few years ago, after she had back surgery, and she never even went on any of the rides because she couldnt stand in the line ups for long. Hopefully this will make this trip even more special!
thanks again!


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Disneyland does not have a handicapped passes anymore. they make you go through the exits (only some) but you have to have a wheelchair or it’s use less. But most the rides there are all made for wheelchairs now.