Disneyland Hotel - Even More Changes


Disney has announced that the names of three towers of the Disneyland Hotel, which are currently being completely refurbished, are changing (again). The Dreams Tower, formerly the Sierra Tower, will now be known as the Adventure Tower. The Magic Tower, formerly the Marina Tower, will now be known as the Fantasy Tower. The Wonder Tower, formerly known as the Bonita Tower, will now be known as the Frontier Tower. These names are meant to represent lands at Disneyland (Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Frontierland).

Trivia question: Where did the name “Bonita” from the former Bonita Tower come from? No Google-ing allowed.

More important and nifty than the name changes, however, are the improvements coming to the pool area. The current Neverland theme will be going away, as will all of the poolside buildings and restaurants. In their place will be a new pool area with a really cool waterslide complex themed to the original Disneyland - complete with a re-creation of the original Disneyland sign and waterslides shaped like the original monorail trains.

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I’m really pleased that Disney is putting so much money, thought, and detail into stuff that doesn’t really generate its own revenue stream. It sure seems to me that the company is again into “plussing” - Walt would be pleased.


Love it!

Do you know if any of the renovated rooms are open yet?


Yes, the renovated rooms in the Dreams/Adventure tower have been accepting guests for a few weeks now. The renovation on that tower is supposed to be complete by the end of July.


Thanks! I don’t have high hopes of getting one, but it never hurts to ask. :happy:


It seems like they should just be known by a symbol…like Prince


Very cool!!
Um…I think the Bonita tower was named after the original Disneyland Hotel owners wife???