Disneyland hotels questions


We are thinking about visiting DL and would like some feedback as to the different DL resorts to stay at.


It depends on your situation.
Do you have kids? Do they swim?
Do you like to ride on busses?
Do you have lots of free cash?
Do you like to walk?

I have three kids, not much cash and have stayed in a few of them. All were worth a revisit.


There are three:

Grand Californian
Disneyland Hotel
Paradise Pier.

The GC is fantastic, and you should loiter around, even if you don’t stay there.

Paradise Pier was a recent acquisition of Disney, so there’s not too much Disney stuff for kids.

Disneyland Hotel is the still the Disneyland Hotel. Relatively affordable and lots of Disney things to do for kids.


I really liked the Disneyland Hotel. It was full of classic Disney magic and the pool there is GREAT! I also liked it’s close location to the DTD monorail station that brings you into Tomorrowland, and being that close to DTD was cool. Goofy’s Kitchen in the DL Hotel is full of great food and plenty of characters. They even have a little “coffee shop” by the pool at opens really early which made it so convenient to get a quick breakfast every morning. We also had a beautiful view of the Disneyland fireworks from our room, and it was “standard view.”


Heres how it goes from my point of view:

1- If you are on a bit of a tight budget as in hotel wise and still want to stay on Disneyland Property, you have no kids, or if you do and they are older and dont need much to keep them busy other than a pool and a TV while at the hotel l would say it should’nt be a problem staying at the Paradise Pier Hotel, its perfect for that situation.
2- If you’ve got kids of all ages who just love the great outdoors mixed with Disney Magic or just something cool and new I would say give the Grand Californian Hotel a shot, its spectacular, it has its own entrance into Disney’s California Adventure Park and has a side entrance right in Downtown Disney…which is a great plus for teens and kids of all ages.
3- If you really want to make your Disneyland Resort trip the best it can be stay at the gem of all the hotels, the Disneyland Hotel. It has something for everyone of all ages and for everyone of all tastes. It has the biggest grounds of all 3 hotels and has the most to do of all the hotels. Its got great views of the parks and is right at the end of Downtown Disney, so you have everything right in front of you. It is a bit of a walk further to the parks than the Grand Californian but it is quite worth it, trust me.

My Personal favorite is the Disneyland Hotel, it was Walts Hotel, he put his magic touch into it and you can still feel it all around you and even when your not actually “in” Disneyland park you still feel as if you never left the park since the hotel is so Magicaly themed.

Hopefully that helped just a tad bit. :smile: :mickey:


We stayed in the Disneyland Hotel in July. We really enjoyed our stay. We walked through the Grand Californian it was really nice more on the lines of the Wilderness Lodge type hotel but done more in a craftsman style. It was also the closest to both parks if there is a mobility issue

We still preferred the Disneyland Hotel. It made you feel more in the spirit of Disney and the history of the hotel just pushes it to the top for me. You really have easy access to DTD and the monorail. The walk through DTD to the park is not too bad. We cut through the GC and used their DCA entrance.

We stayed in the Sierra Tower with a pool view and even though the hotel has been around for awhile you couldn’t really tell, everthing was so clean and neat. The kids had a blast at the Neverland pool. We wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again.


Paradise Pier is lacking of some Disnet atmosphere when compaired to the others but it is still close enough to DTD and Goofy’s Kitchen and all to make up for that. It is reasonably affordable.

Grand California is very nice, has a special entrance into California Adventure Park, and is right on the DTD shopping area. It can be a budget stretcher though if that is a concern

The DL Hotel is still affordable and has that great Disney atmosphere and activities.


We have stayed @ both the GC and the DH. The GC is great but pricey. For a short stay it would be our choice


The Grand Californian Hotel is the place to go if you can afford it! It is nearest to the parks and Downtown Disney. It is a superb hotel and the cast members are top notch. It is the spendiest and nicest, but if I can afford it this is where I will stay. And I always tell folks to at least wander through it (if you stay at the PPH then you should walk through it almost every time you head to the park for a wonderful shortcut!)…

The Disneyland Hotel is the truest spirit of Disney in hotel form, so it is pretty awesome. It tends to fall in the middle price-wise and quaility-wise. Great hotel… You have to go sometime!

Paradise Pier is great too. It is cheaper, noisier and isn’t quite as nice as the other two hotels, but it still captures the important essences of the Disney experience.

Another thing to keep in mind, if you have the $$$ then you can splurge a bit and have an excellent trip. Instead of staying at the GCH, you may do a stay at the DLH with concierge service… I have not done this, but I have heard rave reviews from folks who have stayed at the concierge level at the different hotels… :happy:


Just to bump this up, when exactly were you planning to visit?


The disneyLand Hotel… It is the original and classic hotel!


First choice, I would absolutely stay at the Grand Californian. It’s breathtaking and overflowing with magic. :wub: It really feels like you’re in a different world, much like you feel while at WDW.

Second choice, Disneyland Hotel. It doesn’t fall far behind the GC for me. After all, it’s the original and how can you get much more magical than that? :happy:

Last choice would be Paradise Pier. It may just be me, but I don’t really feel like paying to stay on Disney property unless I can stay at DH or GC…to me, PP just doesn’t quite have “it”…although I’ve never actually stayed there, so I can’t say for sure.

There are just several non-Disney properties that seem much more worth the money to me, such as Candy Cane Inn. For about $90 a night they have beautiful rooms, continental breakfast, pool & spa, close location…it feels like I’m getting a little more for my money and still saving some $$ versus staying at PP. Desert Inn & Suites, which is right next to the Candy Cane Inn, also has several suites with views of DCA. It’s almost as good as staying at a Disney hotel, and for the same amount of money you get a lot more space for your family.