Disneyland in December or January?


We can’t decide whether to go to Disneyland in December or January. We would either go the 2nd week of December or the 2nd week of January. Any advise on the pros and cons would be great.

Also, how is the weather in those 2 months?


The second week of January will most likely be less crowded.:wub:

HOWEVER, it’s a bit COLDER then, too.:ohmy:

December is all Christmas like.:heart:

But the amount of people in the park are increased without an equal amount of “holiday cheer”.:eek:

Your call.


Here’s my take on it:

The 2nd week of December is leading up to the holiday hype. So you get the Christmas decorations, and it can be very exciting. But as the days go on, the crowds only increase.

The 2nd week of January is leading away from the holiday hype. These are some of the slowest park days I have EVER seen. The weather is a little cooler, and the Christmas decorations aren’t there, but I’m almost inclined to go with January every time, because the crowds only decrease.

If you’d like some numbers to go with this, here they are: (coming from my memory, so they’re not exact.)

2nd week of December crowds averaged 40,000 people in the park per day. (There were some much slower days, but the weekends really upped the numbers. Park capacity days, like Christmas Day, reach about 85,000.)

2nd week of January, we saw one day where the park population was under 20,000. :eek: That’s almost unheard of, especially ever since the 50th celebration. NOTHING had a line…anywhere. :whistling

So it’s totally your call!


It really depends on what you’re looking to see when you go.

If you go in December, you’ll get to see the Christmas decorations (including HM made up like the Nightmare Before Christmas), fireworks, candlelight procession, carolers, etc. Also, the parks are open later during the holidays. But as dznygrl points out, it will be CROWDED. My DD is a full time CM and (except for working) avoids the parks during the holidays.

If you go in January, you will miss all of the above, but you will also miss the crowds. The parks close earlier, but you should be able to do any and all attractions you want by the time they do. It is chillier in January (by California standards) but since you’re coming from Mass, it will probably feel balmy to you.

Have fun deciding and then planning…and yes, we will definitely require a trip report when you get back!


I would sugest going for christmas… DL is always magical, during christmas its even more magical.


My family and I spent December 13th-18th at DLR last year. The only day that the crowds bothered us were the Saturday that we were there, which was also the first Saturday of Christmas vacation. The first few days were week days and the schools hadn’t let out so the parks weren’t bad at all.

And yes, January will be less crowded, but then you will miss out on all of the gorgeous holiday decorations. There is nothing like DLR all decked out for Christmas! Even DtD is beautiful! If I had to choose between the January or December, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose December.


I went 2nd week of December last year. It was magical all decorated up for Christmas.


The 2nd week of December is the way to go! :happy:

The crowds are not too bad and the holiday decor is awesome…

The 1st and 2nd week of December are my favorite times to visit Disneyland out of the whole year…


My family and I have gone in early December for the past 6-7 years and never had any problems with crowds. The holiday atmosphere really gets you into the holiday spirit for the rest of the month! This year we’ll be there December 7-10.


I also vote for second week of December!

I’d be concerned that the 2nd week of Jan would have more closed attractions due to the removal of holiday decorations.


Oh, I want to add one more thing…January is generally the worst weather in SoCal. Last year it POURED and POURED and POURED over New Years and the weeks following.

It was cool in December, but not nearly as rainy. :happy: So that’s another vote for Dec.


mmm depends on what your looking for but it would be December for me. Just to see those Chrissy decorations.


I say February is the best time to go, ‘cause that’s when I’M goin’ :biggrin:


Isn’t that a good reason for someone else NOT to go?


Just kidding!! :laugh:


Oh Dzy, you got me there! I just walked right into that one. You silly girl. :tongue:


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So will I see you there in February? :wink:


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