Disneyland in July


I am thinking about a trip to DL for DS 3rd b’day right after July 4th. Am I crazy? I have to make this a VERY budget-minded trip in order to convince DH to do it. That means staying off-site, which doesn’t seem to lose many perks anyway and driving there (about 10 hours from here). But, are the crowds nuts then? I’ve never been to California, so is it crazy hot then? I definanty don’t want it to be a miserable trip, especially since it’s going to be a HARD sell to DH, so I want to know as many of the drawbacks as possible before I get too deep into this! DS 1st 2 birthdays were celebrated with g’parents, but neither set will be able to make it since we moved so far away. He’s just starting to get the whole birthday concept, so I want make it fun and exciting even with just Mommy and Daddy. I know going to Disneyland is overkill on that part, but it just seems like it would be fun to celebrate there! Any thoughts?


The crowds are usually high in number during the summer no matter what, less on the weekdays then the weekends. And since this is the last summer the 50th will be running the resort is assuming it will be another busy summer. But dont let that stop you! The weather is usually warm, it depends, but it usually isnt like hot hot, but not cool cool. I would go and have a great time, go and experience the 50th Anniversary Magic and all it has to offer and visit the park where it all began, youll have a great time! Enjoy your trip! :happy:


we go right after july 4th all the time. we leave the 6th and for the first few days its not to bad. The first couple of days after shouldn’t horrible but will pick up over the weekend!!!


Thanks for your input! We can handle warm, we’ve lived all over the Southeast, it’s HOT we don’t like! I can’t use the 50th Anniversary Magic to sell to him, we were in WDW in Oct. The crowds and the money are going to be my hurdles. I know that DL is offering the “Kids Play Free” until the end of April, but that isn’t doable for us. That’s another reason I thought of DS’s b’day. Do you get stickers at DL for b’days like you do at WDW? Like I mentioned, I’d like it to be a big deal, but can’t cost a fortune.


I would take anytime in Disneyland! :wink: Although I have only gone while school has been in so far… But you can never pass up some good Disney fun, even if it is a little more crowded.

Just be sure to have a plan and use the Fast Passes like crazy! :biggrin:


yeah they do give sticker that say it’s my birthday!!!


I thinkthat you shold go fo it.


You cant compare WDW with DLR during the 50th. Its SOOO different, like a whole different world, Disneyland Resort has more of the true blue 50th festivities while WDW does offer a few new rides and just a spruced up castle. So going to DLR for the 50th is actually a pretty big deal, lol. (no offense to you WDW lovers if any was taken.)


I agree that the 50th is very special and so great it’s worth braving the crowds for!


Anytime that school is out it is going to be crazy. But in my opinion, Disney at anytime is better than Disney never! If you manage your time well, you can avoid a lot of frustration.

Take meals either later or earlier than most people. That means dinners at 4:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. (or later). You’ll spend much less time in line for food. Make priority seating reservations 60 days in advance for the Blue Bayou and character dining meals.

The busiest time of the day tends to be mid-early afternoon. Take a break and go back to the pool and swim in the pool! Or just go over to DCA mid-day. DCA is always less crowded than DL!

I’m going right before the 4th of July, so I’ll try to remember to let you know how the crowds are.

Don’t miss the 50th celebration. It is amazing!


Luckily, at 2 1/2, rides aren’t a big thing and Toontown will be the biggest attraction for him. PS meals won’t be in the budget for this trip, if it happens. It will be strictly counter service and splitting meals. We usually carry our own snacks anyway, so on trips we usually only eat one “meal” per day and snack the rest of the time. I’m hoping that there will be some sort of “deal” on tickets, but not holding my breath. Wish me luck on selling DH on it!


Luckly enough for you DLR is surrounded by many off site places to grab a bite to eat for a much cheaper price than what the parks offer. So you could always eat off site for a much lower price if you wanted to.


What a great birthday present!

July is hot and crowded, but it is managable if you get there at rope-drop and hit Fantasyland first (Dumbo or the carousel as the lines get LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG), leave for a nap and swim and return in the late afternoon for the night.

If you are there early, you can get a whole lot done before most people arrive. It is great to be having lunch at 1130am, and watch people come into the park as you are on your way back to your hotel. Toontown was a disaster last year for me (crowded and dirty), but I was there late in the afternoon, so go when it opens. We like to go to DCA when we return from our midday break, but there isn’t much shade here so if it’s roasting that day, you may want to wait till evening to see the park.

There are so many places to stay offsite that are walking distance or offer their own shuttle. DL is surrounded by motels and busy roads, so it’s not really a ‘resort’ atmosphere. I read a lot of TRs by people that have only been to WDW and expect DL to be the same way, and are surprised by how built up it is. Don’t get me wrong, you can still have a wonderful trip, I just wanted to tell you.

The Candy Cane Inn is my favorite and it includes conti breakfast and their own free shuttle. Great beds, super clean and a pretty setting. They offer a AAA rate, but you must present your card to get it.

For my (hopeful) trip in June I am looking at a few other places to maybe save a few $$–the Howard Johnson, the Alpine Motel, the Park Vue Inn, The Sheraton, the Anaheim Plaza and the Ramada Maingate. I have some friends that have stayed at some of these, others I have to look into more, but maybe someone else here has an opinion about some of these properties. I keep coming back to the CCI for a few bucks more, but I’m pushing it with this trip, our first WDW trip in Oct and another trip we are taking in a 10 days, so I really need to go chaep. I guess I just want you to know that there is a huge supply of rooms around DL. The DL site is good for maps and to see who they use as a Good Neighbor property to narrow your choices.

About the meals, ther aren’t too many places to make a PS at DL, we almost always eat CS here. You can find menus at allearsnet.com and at dlresortinfo.com so you can get an idea on what to budget for food, and, of course, sharing is a good idea. Like anaheimboy said, there are a zillion places to eat just outside the gate from Mimi’s Cafe to Tony Roma’s to Subway to 7-11.



daisyd - you will enjoy Food and Wine Fest and MNSSHP. We did both on our trip in Oct. and had a great time. DS refused to wear a costume, but it was hot, so I didn’t blame him. We made a meal out of tasting stuff at Epcot, it was fun!
Thanks for your help on DL. We’ve never been, so I don’t know what to expect, if we even get to go!


Thanks for the info about MNSSHP and F&WF :mickey:

I hope you get to see DL sometime, if not in July. If you have anymore questions, just ask :happy: