Disneyland in June. Who's gonna be there?


I can’t believe I haven’t asked this before. So, is anyone else going to be in DL when I will be there (June 27th-30th) which is a Tuesday-Friday?!?! It would be a BLAST to meet some of my west coast DC friends, or ANY DC people that will happen to be there! :happy:


Oh Wish, I am trying my hardest to put together a June trip for just me and my DS11, and I’m looking at a Tues-Fri stay (either the week you’ll be there, or two weeks before!). I am waiting to hear from my mom if either set of dates will work for her to come here and take care of my other 2 kids while DH is working. I’ll keep you posted :mickey:


I’m going to be there June 28th-July 2nd, as long as everything goes as planned. I should be making my reservation on Thursday! :happy:


If all goes well, I MIGHT ACTUALLY BE THERE!!!


Seriously? That would be so great! I’ll actually be in SoCal June 24th-July 2nd, but I’ll be at PPH June 26-30th (and the 27th is my B-day)! :smile: My plans changed slightly!


No DL in June for me, I have to push it back to August :mickey:


I’ll be in SoCal then… but probably not DL until July.

Although I am so tempted to get an AP and go a zillion times throughout the summer… :biggrin: