Disneyland In June?


I know I have a vacation coming up but i’m curious about going to Disneyland in June. I think that might be our next Disney trip. What hotel would you stay at? Is there any on the monorail? (yea it’s been a while :P.) Anything I should know? Please tell me!!


Ignore my stupid question on if any hotel connects to it, I just found out it doesn’t.


June is actually a good time to go. The “June Gloom” of Southern California is extremely comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about the heat.

I always use Priceline to get a nice hotel at Disneyland.


June is always a good time to go during the summer season, its not as swamped with the full summer crowds (July and August are the most crowded months for the summer) and the weather is nice during june. If You’re Staying on Property, I always suggest the Grand Californian, Nice hotel, private entrance into Disney’s California Adventure and DTD, great amenities on-site, the next I suggest is the Disneyland hotel, it too has an entrance into DTD and both of these hotels are very close to the DTD monorail station and the last for on-site is Paradise Pier, its the furthest away and doesnt have a main DTD entrance, but its still great. Are you looking into staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel or on Property?


June is one of our favorite times to go. If you go early enough in June, there are very few long lines. We have walked right onto Indiana Jones, so that should tell you how nice it is. June gloom is nothing, just a little hazy in the morning and most of the time it will burn off by afternoon. We stay at the Disneyland Hotel and we truly love it. The neverland pool is really wonderful with the kids.

Any questions, just ask away!!

Happy planning:smile:


I would definitely stay on property! Thanks for the information guys.


Justin, I am a school teacher so everytime I make the trip to Disneyland it’s 99% of the time in June. We’ve never had a problem and love it! If the crowds get bad it’s usually after 11am so make sure you take advantage of those early morning entries if you can & do a lot of the major attractions first.

I don’t get there until the end of June and it is always HOT but managable. It’s usually between the hours of noon-4pm where we noticed the killer heat. So if you’re not a fan of the blazin’ sun just use the late afternoon for nap or pool time.

I’ve stayed at the Disneyland Hotel & the Grand Californian several times and love both. I prefer the Grand Californian though 'cause it has a private entrance into the California Adventure Park, beautiful & peaceful rooms, a nice pool, etc. I love it there.