Disneyland in March


Since we’re going to DL for my birthday in March, I was wondering what the crowds are like and what the weather is like there. Thanks guys!!


The further away from Easter you go the better!!! The crowds should be light and the weather should be OK. Cali, I almost said “we”, can get a lot of rain in March, but it shouldn’t be too bad. The weather will probably be cool/nice. A light jacket is usually enough to keep you warm. Dressing in layers is always a good idea.


March is a toss up month.

Not really crowded, though the weekends are… Even worse, it could rain more than one would like. Still a bit chilly at night, so I would recommend layers like Peppertink suggested…


thanks guys for the tips. i do appreciate them. thank you!!


It used to not be crowded, since the local schools always had spring break either the week before or the week after Easter, and Easter is in April this year.
However, many of the local schools now follow the national trend of booking spring break sometime in March (usually the third week), so it has gotten more crowded in “non-Easter” weeks.


well, luckily, my birthday is on the 12th so hopefully the crowds won’t be as intense as some of you guys are saying. my birthday usually falls around the college spring breaks anyway. that i would rather deal with than local school spring breaks. I want the kids to have just as much fun as I will but they don’t need me to be in their way.