Disneyland is Torturing Me


So there are VERY STRONG rumors that guests staying on-property and at certain hotels will get special “Magic Morning” privileges to DCA/Carsland… which would be AMAZING and a huge help for touring.

Unlike WDW… DL seems to like to only publish park hours & Magic Morning hours 45 days out.

Only they’re NOT updating their calendar. They’re a week behind. So I can’t plan. Which is driving me crazy. I need to know if I’m getting in early one morning to Carsland!!!


I think you will, I think you will, postive thoughts!!


That must be frustrating! I am sure you are going to get at least one morning in there. BTW: pictures!!! tons of pictures…


UH-OH. :eek:

Disneyland is negligently inflicting emotional distress! :ohmy: Luckily for you, I happen to know a good attorney… :laugh:


[QUOTE=Voldemort;1110141]UH-OH. :eek:

Disneyland is negligently inflicting emotional distress! :ohmy: Luckily for you, I happen to know a good attorney… :laugh:[/QUOTE]

Andrea, with a good attorney…I would think there could be some Disney ownership in your future!


The problem is that I think Disney could easily buy off that particular attorney with the promise of a Disneyland trip of his own… :laugh:


[QUOTE=Voldemort;1110141]UH-OH. :eek:

Disneyland is negligently inflicting emotional distress! :ohmy: [/QUOTE]

Yes! Yes! Preach it! :laugh:


NO doubt! lol


No! :angry:

I will FIGHT for you! :ohmy:

No. :eek:

No way I could be bought off like that. :cool:

I’m strong! :nuke:

I’m untouchable! :ph34r:

But a trip to Disneyland? :mickey:

Well, Maybe. :mellow:

Okay. :pinch:


Sigh. :frown:


hehe…My minions at work…


Well, they FINALLY stopped listening to Pep. I don’t know what she has on those people.

Getting SO excited about the upcoming trip! Originally planned for Monday through half of Thursday, then my dad said, “Ah, maybe we should just go on Sunday, too, and then drive back Monday morning for our ‘real’ trip.”

Then I said, “Hey, let’s go Sunday… only DH and I will find somewhere cheap to stay Sunday night… you take the kids for that night… and we’ll all meet up Monday morning.”

So THAT was agreed on… and then my parents started thinking that eh, they didn’t want to have to drive away Sunday night and back again on Monday morning.

So yesterday it became, “Yes, we’ll still take the kids Sunday afternoon and evening so you and your DH can have a date night… but we decided not to mess around… Disneyland Hotel is booked for an extra night.”

:eek: :happy: :happy: :eek: :happy: :happy:

BUT… to come around to the topic of this thread… ONLY guests of the Disneyland Resort get to go into Cars Land Early on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That’s just not a huge number. So since we’ll already be at the resort, on Monday morning we will be up bright and early and in line to see Cars Land WITHOUT the huge press of crowd!

SO EXCITED! :mickey: :happy:

(Note for anyone planning… with our original Monday check-in, we COULD have still done Monday morning early entry… only we would have had to get to the hotel early enough to check-in, store everything with the valet because the room probably wouldn’t be ready, and then walk to DCA in order to get in line… all before 7am. I don’t think that would have happened.)


This is so exciting! I can’t wait for your review.


I’m just giddy, and so grateful for parents whom I want to hang out with… and who want to hang out with me!