Disneyland Jan 24-25


We started our trip Fri nite. I wasn’t sure until the last minute we were going on Fri so I went on hotels.com on thurs nite. I was looking for the Holiday Inn Express on Walnut Dr. It’s the only hotel I stay at in DL other than on property because they have the best rooms and are under $100. I didn’t find my room on hotels.com but I did find it interesting that all three DL hotels were on there.

We left from the Modesto area and arrived around midnite. Got our room at the HIE and crashed. We got up around 8, got ready and headed for the Grand Californian.

I went this weekend for two reasons. My two older brothers were going and we wanted to buy an interest in the GCV’s. They had arrived a day earlier and already had rooms in the GC.

We got there at 10 and it was pouring down raining. The check in area was full of cars and we couldn’t get under cover. We waited five minutes or so and no cars moved. We didn’t have much luggage so we decided to brave the rain and just got out. It was a good move because there wasn’t anyone in the check in line. Not sure about all the cars but check in was a breeze. We haven’t stayed there in a while so I’d almost forgotten how nice it was. Here are some pictures we took in the lobby:


We used DVC points and booked a standard room but got anything but. We got room 4421. It had a view of DTD. I really believe they treat DVC members better but I don’t know. Maybe we just got lucky. Here are some pics of the room:


nice pics!!! that is a really nice looking room!!!


As you can see it’s not the best weather but that’s ok. We all know such weather keeps the local people home and crowds lighter. We never actually got rained on in the parks so it was just fine.

We got hooked up with my oldest brother and headed for Toy Story Mania. It’s my new favorite ride.


We really like the DL Hotel because it’s really nice and a lot less expensive but GC really is a step above for sure.


My brother and DD (8) went to ride CA screamin so me and my DW rode TS mania single rider and I got paired up with the guy who had all the high scores of the day so he gave me some tips to get a higher score. It was very cool.

After they got off the roller coaster we met back up and went over to check the line at Soarin over CA. There WAS no line…thank you rain!!! By the way the line at TS Mania was about 25 mins or so. Not too bad from compared to some of the TR’s I’ve read from DW.

After that my bro and DD headed for Tower of Terror while I fed my enterally hungry DS (17) a hotdog in the Hollywood section of CA Adventure. We then headed back toward the room and snapped a pic with the Cars crew.

One thing really cool about GC is that it has its own entrance into CA Adventure.


We went back to the room, freshened up and headed for ESPN Zone where my other brother had an awards dinner for a race track he owns up north. We aren’t really part of it but just tagged along. It was fun. After dinner the kids went upstairs and blew some of my hard earned money…lol


Shortly after the festivities at the ESPN Zone I find out that my nephew has come up from San Diego and want’s to go to dinner. We decide to take them to Rainforest Cafe because by now the Sat nite crowd has gathered and we are Safari club members so we get preferred seating. My wife and I didn’t eat but she had a Green Python and I had drink that I don’t recall but the cup sure could light up the room! Here’s one of the best pics we got from the terrace of the RC:


Well that’s about it for the first day. We headed off to bed because we were going to early entry at the MK. I’ll talk about it tomorrow as it’s getting late.

To be continued…


Oh my, the pictures of your room were amazing, I really like the decor. :slight_smile:


It’s so great to see DL pics. I hope to go some day. I don’t know too much about it. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for that info. I’ll try to remember that next time I’m stateside…

We got there at 10 and it was pouring down raining… We haven’t stayed there in a while so I’d almost forgotten how nice it was. Here are some pictures we took in the lobby:[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for these pictures. I’ve been going through serious withdrawal lately… :pirate:


If I could afford it, I would stay at the GC each time I was at Disneyland. With Downtown Disney inplace and the removal of the original Disneyland Hotel, it really is the closest hotel to the parks. And, as you mentioned earlier, a private access to California Adventure. (Which, while you have to be staying at the hotel to go into CAR, they are nice enough to let ANYONE out FROM the park…:pirate:


I’m really enjoying this report.


I am at the Grand Californian right now! I love your report & pics! Can’t wait to see the rest when I get home from Disneyland.


wow…that place is GORGEOUS!!! Keep the report and pics coming!


I would like to start by thanking everyone for your kind words and encouragement. I will press on with my TR.

i will start tonight with some construction pics. One bad thing about going off season is you usually have to deal with such things but it is usually done at night.

It was strange, though, that there were entire sections of main street closed off by strangely colored partitions. You will see some of them in the pics. One CM said it was for a new parade.

A few attractions were closed, but none of the ones we really wanted to ride.

That’s my DD in the second pic wearing the wings.


At CA Adventure, they had the water drained out of the main body of water by the boardwalk. I believe I heard someone say they were working on a Fantasmic type show. They were also working on the Sunwheel so it was closed. As long as TS Mania’s open I’m good!


And last but not least here are some pics of GCV under construction. Not the greatest. They go to great lengths to make sure you can’t take a good picture.


OK…enough of that. On to the good stuff. We got up early Sun. morning to get to DL by 8 a.m. I will take a step back and mention that we were invited by my brother to, and I quote “close DTD”. We declined because of the early entry we were going to attempt. For some this task is easy, others, like us, just really enjoy sleeping in. Well, to my surprise, my brother calls at 7:30 asking if we were going early. He didn’t sound too good but once he joined us in line he got into the swing of things. Speaking of the line there was probably only 2 or 300 people waiting to get in at 8. We practically had the place to our selves. Getting on the good rides was a snap!