Disneyland launches interactive California Adventure website


Very cool site!! Makes me want to go to DL even more now!! :happy:

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CA is Awesome! I LOVE WDW, but there’s nothing quite like CA…the food…the wine…the ambience…Amazing!


Oooh that site is cool!!

Man, I want to go back soooooo bad…:crying:


We’re going… remember?


I just looked at everything! I’m hyped, we are probably holding out on returning to Disneyland until everything is pretty much finished up. Gonna be HARD, but it will be worth the wait.

Carsland is lookin’ WAY bigger & better than I could have imagined; omg on the racers & the whole layout. Looks amazing!

Did anyone notice how the new main entrance looks almost EXACTLY like Disney Studios Park? The same blue & white with the art deco-ish architechture.

And I am STILL out of words excited about a Little Mermaid dark ride & the new lagoon show.

WOW, it’s gonna be awesome!


Me too!! Me too . . . I want to go . . . pleeeeeeeeeease!! :biggrin:


I WAS talking to you goonie bird. :laugh:



Sorry, loooonnnnngggg day!! :biggrin:


:laugh: I was gonna say…weren’t you talking to her in the first place?? :laugh:

Lol…goonie bird…love it.


Im happy to see they have the new site up and running, when I was in the Blue Sky Cellar today (it just re-opened today from a partial update) they had all of the new stuff regarding the new World of Color show…lets just say… Simply. Amazing.


Ever since finding out about World of Color, my sister and I have been excited to see it. We believe it maybe the show to finally take the cake of all shows in both DL and California Adventure!!! As of now, I would have to say the best show is Fantasmic, but that is just my opinion.

While interacting with a cast member, we found out that the Mickey face, on Mickey’s Fun Wheel, will interact with the show and the crowd. We also found out that the water and color will motion as to the crowds actions. Not sure how true that is but… Tim what do you think?


luv the interactive stuff. have a magical wknd & summer all! :slight_smile: