Disneyland Logo T-Shirt


Hey fellow Mousebuzzers!
My daughter, an up and coming art student, designed a T shirt for me from this: http://idea-sandbox.com/blog_images/disneyland_tshirt.jpg which is a discontinued design. It’s for sale here on Redbubble.com:“Disneyland Logo” T-Shirts & Hoodies by orangecrocs | RedBubble as shirts, sweatshirts and stickers. The clothing is really great quality and she will get some of the proceeds, which are going to her art college fund. She hopes to use her art education to get a job with Disney one day! She has some other Disney designs on there as well, and she could take requests if anyone had ideas :happy:


Nice work. She has some real talent.


Yay, I got my own account so now I can thank you myself! I really appreciate your comment! :slight_smile:


Well done on your design! Its really really great, you’re very talented. And good luck in pursuing your dream of working for Disney, that would be so great.


Thanks so much!


the page dosent work… but i have searched for disneo t shirts … i ordered one. thanks for sharing hydeho