Disneyland May 22-24 GC Concierge


Well, we had some developer points that were going to expire if we didn’t use them soon so we decided to upgrade. We had originally book a standard DL Hotel room but we ended up at the GC on the concierge level.

We arrived around 2 p.m. We were whisked up to the 6th floor where they have a private check in. The room was the same as the ones we have stayed in before except that it had a dvd player and you could get videos for free.

We had a partial view of DTD. We had a percussion group very close to our window. But, being a drummer I hardly noticed it.


After check in, everyone was hungry so we headed for CA Adventure. We headed for the Pacific Wharf Cafe. We all had the clam chowder in a bread bowl except for my DW who had the Sonoma chicken apple salad. I believe it to be one best quick service meals in DL. Here’s a pic of DW’s salad. Me and the kids ate ours too fast for proof through photography…lol


After dinner, it was off to my new favorite ride, Toy Story Mania. Wait time: 35 mins. No problem! My score was 168,000 I think.


After TS, We went on CA screamin. We caught the end of a new parade. Looks to be something to do with Pixar, I’m guessing.


Enjoying your TR so far! DD5 especially enjoyed the pictures of the parade. She also liked seeing your daughter in what she believed to be the Alice dress–we have one and it looks like that’s what she is wearing.


We then decided to check out the Craftsman Room in the GC. It is associated with the concierge level and has snacks and drinks throughout the day. They had a story time that ended up being a sing-a-long. It was really great. The snacks were good. They had wine and beer at no charge. All in all, it was a pretty cool place.


It’s one of the saddest parts of this trip that I was going to comment on later. For the past 5 years, Disney has been all about princesses and characters for my DD who is now 8. She has all but outgrown most of her dresses and doesn’t want new ones. I know they have to grow up but I’m just not ready. She’s my baby!!!


My DD10 went through that just last year. No more princess dresses, no more wearing her cheerleader outfit when we went to football games at DH’s and my alma mater. It is a sad phase for moms and dads to watch.


After some great milk and cookies it was off to bed. Our friends got into town about the time we decided to call it a nite. But we wanted to make it for Magic Morning early entry and my family aren’t exactly what you would call morning people so told them we would catch them in the park early.

We were down to celebrate DW’s 21st birthday (almost every CM said “happy 21st birthday” to my wife. It was pretty cool.) So I thought I might take a moment and talk about what they offered and how it worked.

We filled out a quick form online to register then had to print it out. We took that to city hall with proof of age (Drivers License) and had three choices:

A one day one park pass into a park of our choice (value: $69.95)

A gift card good at several of the stores on property (value: $69.95)

A block of fast passes good for six rides for six people. It was kind of like the old E-ticket system where they gave you three for the better rides and then three for the less popular rides. One catch was that you had to have everyone that you wanted to include in the fast passes there with you. That part seemed kinda strange, but it didn’t matter.

My DW went for door #2.


We got through the gate around 7:15 a.m. Not a difficult task for some, but for us, nothing short of monumental. You can see from some of the pics that the place looks empty. That didn’t last long. But for now, it was time to take advantage of the Magic Morning.

In the span of two hours we rode:

Space Mountain (which is where we ran into our friends)
Indiana Jones
Haunted Mansion

After that, we coaxed our sons to go on Splash Mountain. It was early and not too warm so they were less than enthused. I assured them that it’s not like Grizzly River Run (just like the Kali river rapids) and I rarely get too wet.

Due to logistics and just plain bad luck, My DS (15) was in the front followed by me then my friend followed by his sons. My DW and DD were all the way in the back.

Well, to make a long story short, my forecast wasn’t too accurate. I was completely soaked even before we got to the big drop. In fact, I didn’t even duck. I thought, “what’s the point?!!”

So the three of us in the front got it good, and my DS was not pleased but me and my buddy got a good laugh out of it.

After that, It was Thunder Mountain RR. By that time, the crowds were here. So we decided to get something to eat.


rah haha! I love the Splash Mountain story! I got my Dad to go on by saying the SAME thing and SURE ENOUGH we walked off SOAKED!! I sware I NEVER get wet on Splash, ONLY when I tell people they won’t. :laugh:

The salad in the bread bowl looks DELICIOUS, I usually get a soup in a bread bowl at Pacific Wharf. I’ll have to put that apple salad on my ‘try next time’ list.

Nice room upgrade! I LOVE DtD view at the GC but I’ve never stayed concierge. Do they have snacks/drinks available any time of the day or is it only during specific posted times?

Can’t wait to see the rest of your report, I always love a good Disneyland TR!



Nice room upgrade! I LOVE DtD view at the GC but I’ve never stayed concierge. Do they have snacks/drinks available any time of the day or is it only during specific posted times?

Can’t wait to see the rest of your report, I always love a good Disneyland TR![/QUOTE]

Check out a few pages up…I talk about the Craftsman room…it was cool, but I wouldn’t use my real points for it.

As for the SM, I’ve NEVER told someone they wouldn’t get wet on that ride until THIS time…It was soooo much fun I would surely do it again. My friend and I couldn’t stop laughing because we were so wet!


We went into CA Adventure and the kids voted for Pizza ooo Mow Mow. It’s a quick service place with pizza by the slice and a few pasta dishes. I had the chicken pasta because I just didn’t feel like pizza. It was O.K. but nothing to write home about. And of course, all the kids had pizza.

After that it was on to TSM. One cool thing about this trip was that my friends don’t go very often, so they had never ridden it.

I ended up riding by myself but still managed to better my score from the previous day. Not sure how.

Here’s a pic of DS with my friends sons on the Maliboomer as well as some other pics we took in CA Adventure:


Is there a reason there is a plastic shield on each seat on the maliboomer?


We rode Soarin on FP’s we had gotten earlier that morning. Standby was over an hour wait. Our friends took our DD to ride Tower of Terror while we checked out Turtle talk with Crush. It was probably the 5th time I’ve seen it and it was, by far, the funniest one.

We headed to our room to rest up a bit before dinner at the ESPNZone. What I didn’t realize when I made the reservation a month before was that it was going to happen 15 mins before the Laker vs. Nugget game started. Well, the place was a zoo. I thought, “No problem, that’s why we make reservations.”

Well, we got to the front and they had no record of my ADR. I was a little freaked out. It was my job to make sure we had a place to eat. I double and triple checked to make sure before we left that they were there so this didn’t happen.

Everyone has unique gifts and talents and my DW’s is conflict resolution when someone looses your ADR. It took her about 5 mins or so to fix the problem and shortly thereafter we had our table.

The meal was great and service was good besides the fact that a big game was going on. She had the half chicken and I had the nachos. We got two plates of cheesy fries for appetizers and they were really good.


After dinner the girls were going back into the park to ride Small World while the boys went to watch the new Terminator flick in the DTD movie theater.

Well, the girls got there and it was closed due to the fireworks. They got out of there quickly because you CAN be trapped at that end of the park and not able to move because of the firework show.

They headed up to the Craftsman Club and watched the fireworks from the balcony. They have the music and everything. They said it was really cool.


yes there is…it is to prevent the lunch he just had at pizza ooo mow mow from getting on anyone else…lol


Oh see! I thought it was to prevent anything that may be flying in the air to not hit you in the face; like a bird, bugs, whatever… :laugh:


Sounds great so far, love the pictures! Funny about your dw because that is my specialty as well, lol!


Thanks for looking at my TR. Whenever there’s a problem having to do with any store, she definitely handles it. I’ve got a few more pics to share sometime later tonite.