Disneyland New Monorail


Hello guys, I was just wondering if the new Disneyland monorails are boarding yet? I was trying to look them up on youtube to see the inside and all I could find was testing. I heard they are really cool and high tech, my question is why doesn’t Disney World have them? :smiley:


They are REALLY cool!! I think they are working . . . DVC Mike had a picture in his last TR!

And NO WDW does not have them . . . only DL! :pinch:


Yes, they are operating. I rode them this past January, they are very sleek & the interior has a pretty monorail logo in neon that lights up at night.

I am pretty sure I put a couple pictures of it in my last TR.


Yup, Monorail BLUE and RED are currently operating with ORANGE, GREEN, and PURPLE going into service this summer and into the fall seasons, they are freaking awesome and so nice and sleek and fun! And Disney World doesnt have them because…Im not sure (ill see if I can find out), only Disneyland does. Just because one resort has something doesnt mean another will. :smile:


Thanks for the info guys… I heard that their is also more room in them so I hope Disney World does get them… I think it would look pretty awesome :D.


I could be wrong on the specifics but I believe that generally DL’s monorail system (both track & vehicles) are smaller than that of WDW’s. Just the sheer height & length of the track from the T&TC to EPCOT is probably double the length of Disneyland’s. Perhaps the current WDW monorail cars accomodate the number of guest riders in an appropriate way. I don’t THINK that Disneyland’s upgrade had EVERYTHING to do with ‘cosmetics’, my guess is that the rider demand CALLED for upgraded cars. If WDW’s monorail system isn’t failing in the deparment of rider demand I doubt we’ll get new ones anytime soon.


Don’t get me wrong I love Disney World monorails as well, but the fact that Disneyland got new one’s i’m sorta jealous that Disney world Doesn’t lol. It’s always cool to see something new in the parks.


Trust me, there’s A LOT of be jealous of Disneyland for. :happy::wub:


Yes, this is true. Disneyland’s Monorail demand has grown greatly over the past 8 or so years, all starting with the DLR expansion back in 2001, so TDA and WDI finally knew it was time for newer and larger upgrades, and our track system is much smaller than WDW…less terrain to ground. But on the contrary, WDI and TDA have been wanting to upgrade DLRs monorails for years to a newer and sleeker look but hadent been able to when Cynthia Harris yack and Paul Pressler cough choke were in charge. So many wonderful things has happened since they left in 2004…woot woot! And yes…there are many things to be jealous of Disneyland for :tongue: (not that Im trying to sound mean when saying that :wink:)


Forgot to mention about the Monorail track size, it may be growing in the next few years if City of Anaheim will allow Disney to expand its tracks over to the new hotels Disneyland is going to have built over at the Garden Walk, if they dont do that then it will be bus transportation like WDW uses.