Disneyland Paris Here I Come!


I mentioned in another thread about a week or so ago that I was really trying hard to convince DH that I wanted to go to Disneyland for our anniversary as opposed to a cruise. He was not going for it, and at the end of the day, we also decided against the cruise as DH’s severe motion sickness has been getting alot worse these days.

It seemed there was going to be no Disney for me on my anniversary in May :frowning:

But a few days ago, we decided that we were going to do something totally different - DH has never been to Europe, and we have been talking about Paris specifically on and off since I returned from the South of France for my industry award trip last June. I loved France and have wanted to go to Paris all my life.

After crunching the numbers, we decided we are going to go to Paris for our 1st anniversary! And DH has agreed we can indeed go to DLR Paris!!!

I am sooooooooooo excited right now I can barely contain it.

The tentative plan right now is to fly out of Toronto on May 12 on an evening flight - arriving in Paris on May 13.

We are going to stay at Disneyland Paris for 2 nights/3 days- May 13 to 15. We haven’t decided on a hotel yet. At the moment, I think our 3 options are Disney’s Hotel New York, Sequoia Lodge, or Newport Bay.

We are then going to stay in Paris proper for 3 nights/4 days, May 15 to 18. And take in all of the romantic sights :slight_smile:

Then we are potentially going to take the train to Brussels for 2 additional nights, staying with my family - May 18 - May 20. Flying home on May 20. If we dont do this, we will fly home from Paris on May 18.

Of course I am most excited about DLR Paris. I’m not sure when I will ever get a chance to go again, so this will be really special.
Does anyone have recommendations on a Disney hotel? Are the 3 I am looking at good choices? Or is there another we should look at?

I am going to book our flights at some point over the next 2 weeks. Just need to finalize vacation time with work first. Then I will book DLR and our Paris hotel in early March.



I can’t help you with hotel choices but do hope you have a wonderful time. I would love to go to Paris!


That is wonderful news, Happy Planning!!!


What a fantastic turn of events! C’est fantastique!


I think we’ve decided on the Hotel New York. It looks cute!


Towncar T mouse buzzer is your man for DLP. He has vast experience of the park, Paris and France plus he is a super chap too!
The only thing is he doesnt sign in to Mouse Buzz that much these days, but do keep a look out for him- I know he’d help out.


That is soooo exciting! I can’t wait to see a TR and pics!


Hopefully he will pop in sometime soon so I can barrage him with questions! lol


How exciting! I was watching a thread (someone posted) of the Haunted Mansion in DLP and it was so funny, cuz it was the same voice with the same intonations as WDW “Ghost Host” but it was all in FRENCH!!! :happy:

Have a fabulous time, can’t wait to read and see the TR!! :wub:


AWESOME McFizzle!! I’ve been to Paris & other parts of France but never Disneyland! I can’t WAIT to see all of your pictures & read your report!

What an AWESOME anniversary! :heart:


Very exciting news!


I’ve never been to Paris and I think it will be so romantic for our anniversary. :heart:

Did you love Paris?

DH has never been to Europe, so this is a really big deal for him. I think Paris is the perfect place to start!


To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Paris. :laugh: Besides seeing historic stuff, gothic architechture & awe-inspiring art I was a little dissapointed. I hated the hotel we stayed in & I just didn’t dig the city itself very much. I was also 19 years old & traveling with my Grandma so that could have effected it too. :laugh: I want to give it another try. My best friend lives in Belgium right now & she takes the train to Paris all the time & LOVES it!

I am sure you are going to absolutely love it & it’s going to be SO romantic as an anniversary. See if you can take a “cruise” down the Seine, I DO remember that being wonderfully beautiful. :wub:


OK. Barrage away!! I’ll keep a look out in here. Always glad to help out. For future reference you can always PM me if you want some info and I’m not around. I get email notification if somebody sends me a PM. I’m more into being useful than being chatty. I got some good information on here before my first (and still my only) WDW trip some years ago. Only too glad to put something back.

Have you booked the hotel yet? All 3 that you mentioned are good, but there is quite a big price differential. I don’t think that there is much between those that you mentioned to justify any large price difference. Out of those 3 I’d probably go for the Sequoia Lodge on a value for money basis. You will spend so little time in your hotel that it seems silly to me to waste money on an upgrade when you could spend that money to maybe see Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show or just have some more spending cash. You’ll need it! If budget is no object and you like real luxury then the Disneyland Hotel itself is the place to stay. Remember to look at Disneyland® Resort Paris This is the official site and they often have great hotel/ticket packages. If you want to economise, try the Santa Fe or the Cheyenne. These are are both Disney properties, only a 10 minute walk to the park gates and very comfortable. Great if you just want a place to crash. We have done budget, mid-range and luxury over the years and have enjoyed every single visit.

May is a good time to visit as the parks will be quiet and the weather is usually OK. Be careful to avoid the Whit holidays as this is a big holiday in Europe and the parks will be very busy over that weekend.

I can give you plenty of tips about Paris too if you want. Fire away!!

And by the way. You will LOVE Paris!! Are you bilingual? If not, you will so wish you’d chosen the immersion route. It’s an enormous help, but not as necessary as it used to be some years ago. The French generally love the Canucks so make sure you show the Maple Leaf.:wink:


LOL! Good morning, Towncar!


Hey, that was no LOL! The French love the Canucks. Something to do with them thinking that they share some sort of lingual affinity. In any case, they get better seats in restaurants than us English. The only ones treated worse than us are …well you guess.:wink:


Hi Towncar!

So glad you checked in. I will defintiely keep in mind that PM-ing you is A-Ok!

I am very excited about DLR Paris. Have been doing alot of research the last few days, and am going to be booking everything in the next week or so.

In terms of hotels - I’m definitely one for theming and style. I’m not too worried about spending a bit of extra cash since this will probably be a one time only trip for us.

I did look at the Disneyland hotel as my first choice - but something about the style is totally not us. I prefer a more contemporary or whimsical style. I think that is why currently, the New York is what we are thinking.

i would definitely consider staying at the Sequoia Lodge as well though, since it looks really nice and the scenery is apparently beautiful?

If money isn’t an issue, which of these 2 would you stay at?

Also - is 2.5 days enought time to see both parks?

Do you have any recommendations on places to eat dinner?

Also, The Wild West Show - I don’t see tickets available for anytime after mid-March. Do you think its just because they haven’t released them yet?

In Paris itself, we are planning to stay here. Is the location central enough?

Thank for your help Towncar!


I do speak some French - did French immersion in elementary school and some of it has stuck with me. Trsut me, I will definitely have my maple leaf sewn on somewhere. :laugh:

Ok, I have 1 more question - do you have suggestions on the best way to see Paris? Is the “Paris Pass” worth it? Or the Museum Pass?


How awesome!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


I’ll have a think and give you a fuller reply this evening. I’d definitely stay at the Sequoia Lodge every time, although in fairness I have never stayed at the New York. The NY is definitely contemporary. You might also like the SL as it is Canadian themed. Probably not based on downtown Toronto I’d guess though!! I have a cousin in Brampton, which I understand isn’t too far from Toronto?

Oh one other thing, if budget really isn’t an issue. If you stay at a suite in the Disneyland Hotel, you receive a VIP fastpass for the duration of your stay. That alone is worth the price as it is a fastpass that is valid for all fastpass rides for the whole of your stay. You just walk on rides all day. Especially useful for the new ToT I’d think. We found it to be the best thing ever as I HATE queuing up for anything.