DisneyLand Paris Suggestions Please


Just found out we will be traveling to London fall of 2007 for a wedding, and figure we should try DisneyLand Paris while we’re so close. I would love to hear from anyone who has visited. How difficult is the language barrier–do they have many signs in English or staff members that speak English? Are the French nice to Americans? How many days does it take to do all the parks? Any suggestions?


well i have only been when the first park was open, and we got round it in one day, so it would prob take 2 days to do both parks.


There were a lot of rennovations when we went so it took us 1 day to do both parks, and we got there kind of late because we took the train in.

If you have only a day to spare, you can do both in one day. Just bust your butt, not waiting in line for pictures. :laugh: LOL. It’s do-able.




We did DLP in one day, pretty easily. It was not overly crowded, and we took the train in from Paris. That was right before the second park opened, so we didn’t get to see that. I would plan on 2 days, you should be able to see just about everyone. Don’t miss the Indiana Jones ride, nothing better than a backwards roller coaster.

You will be fine, everyone speaks English, most of the signs are in English, etc. A large part of their customer base is English speaking, and with all the languages in Europe, English is the common denominator, so you won’t notice much change from any of the US parks. OH, and everyone will be fine. I can’t promise the same in Paris though. I used to live in France, so I speak fluent french (well, I did years ago, I have lost some of it). I have never had anyone be rude to me, but my circumstance with the language is different than yours. Just be polite, and don’t resort to Tarzan talk.


Sorry to say but the roller coaster no longer goes backwards. I went on it last year and it did have some sharp turns, and I banged up my face a little, but no backwards. :sad:



well Cast members usually speaks English quite good due to the fat that they’re from all Europe etc!

Regarding the time you should spent, I would say 2 days: 1 for the Disneyland Park and one for the Studios, to have time to do all the rides and not run from one to the other!

this year, we had the opening of Buzz laserblast!

a tip: in the morning, go and take Fast Pass for the attractions where it exists: Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Stars Tours, Indiana Jones, Buzz, BTM

Cheers from Paris


I visited in July 2005 (has it really been that long?) and had a BLAST! I would totally suggest 2 days. We went to the Disney Studios the first day and we were able to get through everything there by about 4pm (starting at park opening at 9am). We then spent the evening at Disneyland Park (MK) and then spent the entire next day at Disneyland Park again. With the 2 days we were able to get almost everything done we wanted to see, and even managed multiple rides on a few of the favs, like Space Mtn. If you can do 2 days, definitely do it.

As far as the language barrier, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Like Mickey said, most everything is in English. I remember a Pooh stage show they had set up on a stage beside the castle. It was really weird cause half the characters spoke in English and half spoke in French. They spoke to each other that way. For example, Pooh would say something like “Isn’t honey great, Piglet?” And Piglet would reply in French… But then, based upon Pooh’s reply in English, you could figure out what Piglet had said. It was odd, but it worked well enough so that both French and English speaking folks could follow the story…

In other places, if a show was entirely in French, they had closed captioning…but that was rare…


As one who has visited Euro Disney/Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris 17 times since 1994, I think that 2 days would be just about adequate. However, I would advocate spending about two thirds of a day at the Studios and the rest of the time in the main park. That is, if you can only spare two days. Ideally, three days would ensure that you see everything in the two parks at a leisurely pace. However, I can understand that three days would be a very large slice of your total time and there is so much else to see and do outside of the Disney parks.

It also depends on what days of the week you go. Weekdays are quieter, and therefore easier/quicker to get around, whereas weekends are busier but the parks are often open longer. Carefull planning is the answer for such a short trip. Plan an itinerary after obtaining as much info as possible from this site and other perhaps more useful (for Paris only!) sites in Europe. There are lots of web sites dedicated to the Paris parks. Just find them on Google or whatever.

You have lots of time to plan and make the most of your trip. It’s well worth the visit. PM me if you’d like any specific information.


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My wife and I have been 7 times since opening. The most recent just 2 weeks ago. We went for 4 nights. We spent 1 day in Magic Kingdom, 1 day in Studios, 1 day in central Paris, and 1 day shopping at the huge mall about 5 minutes from the theme park. Whilst we did 1 park per day it was very leisurely i.e. getting to the park at midday or even later still gives you time to do everything. If you are familiar with the two parks and know what you like/don’t like, it would be very easy to do them both in a day. The afternoon parade times are different to allow you to do this. It makes a nice change in a way from Florida where it can be a very long hot tiring day just to do 1 park resulting in you just crashing out in the evening.

As for do the French like the Americans, well I can’t answer that as I am English. All I will say is that the French are not in the same league for being nice like you Americans are when I visit Orlando. Maybe you Americans are TOO nice!! I don’t think the problem is the language. They just seem to have a bit of an attitude. I think my wife summed it up by saying the French work AT Disney, the Americans work FOR Disney. I knew what she meant - hope you do. The CM at Paris seemed to consist of young students who are probably just on summer work and don’t care enough about the Disney philosophy.

John, Lincoln, ENGLAND


By fall 2007 the Tower of Terror should be completed.

John, Lincoln, ENGLAND


When I first read John’s post I was a little disgruntled as I am an acute Francophile. But on reflection, I think he has summed it up nicely. The working AT vs. working FOR is very appropriate. I’ve only visited the USA once and have really no idea how many times I have visited France, but Americans seem more free with their amity whereas it takes a little time to melt the icy Gallic outer shell. Once inside though the French are very warm hearted. But the fact is that they are extremely proud of being French and view all foreigners with an element of distaste. In my view they show no special disdain for Americans. That, I am proud to say,they reserve in abundance for us English!:wink: Vive l’entente cordiale. :smile:


Thanks for the support Towncar. Hope you weren’t too disgruntled. The negative comments I made could have been far outweighed by all the great times I have also spent in France/Paris/Disney. I had my honeymoon in Paris so it will always remain a special place in my heart. Plus I also suspect that if ever a Magic Kingdom was built in England, the same working AT rather than FOR theory would be adopted real big style.



Hi John

No, I think your comments were fair and well presented. Your AT/FOR statement was very observant and really states the situation as it is. I was only disgruntled for a few seconds until I re-read your post. We have had people on this forum slagging off Disneyland Paris only to find, on enquiry, that they had actually never even been there but had ‘a mate’ who had told them how bad it was. I’m not sure that the Brits wouldn’t adopt the Disney philosophy, but like you I’m 100% sure that our natural synicism wouldn’t allow us to be bowled over by the hype. My guess is that a UK Disney park would probably be staffed by hordes of American college kids, akin to the college programme at WDW. But we are unlikely ever to find out!:frown:


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