Disneyland Paris


I was sorting my Ofoto albums the other day and came across my trip to Disneyland Paris. It was a lovely trip and worth everything I went through to go there.

I hope you all enjoy the photo album, and here is my little disclaimer.

**There was a little problem when we got there. There happened to be a little charge when you get off the train and go through the turnstile and attempt to get into the Disney gates. It was an additional charge of 25 euro on top of the Disney ticket charge. My friend was out of money so I had to pay 50 euro in total and after the exchange it was about 85 euro. It started our trip on a sour note you’ll see some comments about it, and me doing something to a Disney plaque that I’m not so proud of. :ohmy:
Again I hope you enjoy the photos and the sarcastic comments I have listed on some of them. :laugh:



It appears as though Ofoto is making you sign in to view the photos. I am trying to figure out how to fix that so all you can do is click on it to enjoy. :frown: I hope I can figure it out quickly for you all.

If you have Ofoto I hope you enjoy viewing my photos.

P.S. If anyone knows how to fix that I am open for the help :mellow:


Okay I think I’ve got it :blush:


LOL I tested it and it does work so if anyone tried and had a problem thanks for being patient.


Those pictures of Small World make it look really nice. Is it?


Yes it was very nice there. I LOVED :heart: the outside of it and the inside was superb. I went in March 2005 and the rehab was going on at WDW. After I got off of it I was so hoping that they would do the same thing to It’s a Small World in WDW but it wasn’t done the same.

I am actually one of the few strange people that truly enjoy that ride so it was awesome for me to see in another country. Glad you enjoy the pictures.


Nice pics!

Thats strange that they charge extra.
Duly noted if I ever decide to go to Paris.


Great pictures, I just about died laughing when you said you laid a French smackdown while trying to get parade pictures! Funny, funny captions! And it was so odd to see American kids on IaSW! You are a riot!

Thanks for sharing, I would love to go to DLP someday!


CeralBoxQueen-Thanks for the compliments. We were really surprised when we got there. We had read all kinds of books on Paris and going to Disneyland, how to get there, which train and we never saw anything about that. It was well worth the trip though.

Twist1980-Thank you as well for the compliments. After our little train incident a smackdown was to be had that day, I am quite the comedian, and my friends come to me to get that pick me up. It’s all about making people laugh. They say you live longer so why not.


I don’t post much here anymore, but I look in sometimes. However, I have to take issue here over this apparent ‘extra’ charge. We have visited DLP about 17 times since 1994 and visited as recently as October '05. Never in all that time have we seen any such ‘extra’ charge.

To whom did you pay it? What did you get in return? What did they say it was for? When did you visit?

I can only think that you misunderstood something or perhaps you were the unsuspecting victim of a con artist?


Hi Tom!!! drop in more often please I really missed you-


It is good to see you. We miss your humor and your many trip reports on here.


I was wondering the same thing about that extra 25 Euro charge. I used the train, but in the opposite direction. We stayed at the Holiday Inn right there by DLP so we used the train to go into Paris for the day. We paid 12 Euro for a one day pass on the Paris Metro system. This was for unlimited access to the Metro system, so I’m curious about your extra charge…

Seeing your DLP pics really brings back so many memories. It’s been almost a year since my visit there. I really LOVED DLP…


I stayed in the city Paris and went to Disney for the day. We used a carne to get on the train in the city and you know when you get off you use the same carne to get out of the “gate”. Well we went to do that and it wasn’t working and we became a little frustrated, this was happening to another family as well (this helped me to realize I wasn’t crazy).

We asked the gate attendant why it wasn’t working, she looked at our ticket and advised it wasn’t the correct one that we had to purchase a separate one, because this train is coming out into the country and is the special “Disney train”. We already had our tickets to get into see the mouse so we bought the special ticket and were on out way.

Still a little fumming about having to purchase that extra tickets we trying using the regular carne, to test her theory or course, and it didn’t work. There was some special ticket to get past the train gate at Disney. It was the Disney stop. You get off the Metro and you can see the MGM/Disney Parks.

We paid it reluctantly but did have a wonderful time non the less.


That’s so weird… Like I said, we had the unlimited Metro pass, so we didn’t run into that problem. It sounds like the city is trying to make an couple extra bucks on folks that are taking the train into the city for the day… :angry:


That very well could be the case, I like to give people more faith and say I sure hope it isn’t. But I certainly leanred my lesson for the next time I go.


Well, it was VERY easy the way we did it. The room at the Holiday Inn right next to DLP was only 85 Euro a night and a short bus ride (free, btw) to DLP and the train staion. The all day Metro ticket was 12 Euro and it was about a 20-25 minute train ride from DLP to Paris… Not a bad deal…


Everything else we did was a breeze. We took the Metro everywhere, even from the airport to the hotel and back. It was easy and all was seamless until that little event.

Oh well, they only ruined my Disney Magic for a couple of minutes.


What a shame that it ruined the magic for you. Still, I’m glad this was nothing to do with Disney and that you just had the wrong train ticket. Marne La Vallee is a long way out of the centre of Paris , so I doubt that a normal ‘carnet’ ticket would get you there. I wouldn’t let it put anyone else off visiting DLRP as the train system is pretty simple really. I guess Disneyfreak was just unlucky.:sad:

For any other Americans wanting to know about travelling in and around Disneyland Paris I recommend you take a look at:

Disneyland Paris - An American in Paris

It just might save you 50 Euros!!:wink:


that looks like a lovely time! I would love to go there someday- perhaps when the kids are old enough to pay for themselves?