Disneyland paris?


Next year We are going on a tour of paris / france and I was wondering if We should go to disneyland paris for a day.

So this is where I need you !
Tell me if it is worth spending a day and so on !


My brother resides in Belgium and he is a true Disney fan. He goes to Paris in lieu of coming to America (shorter trip :wink:) and though he likes it, he really, really LOVES Disneyland and WDW. But the Disneyland of the 1980 more than any of the Disney parks.

Being a Disnophile, I would go, no matter what or where if I were in the neighborhood. How’s that?


Ok so We should fit it in into the trip ?


I posted this thread under the DisneyLand Paris section. I went to Paris last year and being the Disney Freak that I am I had to go to DisneyLand Paris. How many people can say that were able to do that. One day is really what you need to get through both of the parks. They have an MGM and Disneyworld.

I hope you enjoy the other thread, and there are some photos too.



Yes, if you’ve seen everything else French, that you have to see first.


Id say its definalty worth doing for a day or so, we’ve been there several times and had a great time every time (even though it rained everyday when we went for a week one January!). Its a cute park, theres only a MGM and a Magic Kingdom but don’t expect it to be anything like WDW, its alot smaller and more compact. It still has the great disney atmosphere but their version of ‘DTD’ known as the ‘Disney Village’ is incredibly tiny.
It’s well worth a stop over though!