Disneyland paris


dont know if any one cares but michael jackson is in disney land paris, he has been there for bout 3 days. any way thought id put it up incase anyone was there and saw him or anything


sorry just seen this is in the wrong bit


Welcome to DC ukool.
I don’t think it matters where you post anything about Michael Jackson. He is not exactly a favorite :wink:
So, now post something else, like – when is your next trip to WDW or DL or DLP or any of the other parks?


Yes, welcome! Tell us what brings you to DC? What are your Disney plans?


or what are your connections? disneyland paris?? My brother was looking into going there in the fall but the cost to fly there was just too high with the kids! And from the look of the site its small like California- not worth the cost to fly there I suppose!


yep disneyland paris is the closest park to me, only been once before the studios park was open, but loved it and hopefully going next year


Do you live in the UK? :angel:


yep i wish i lived in london though, it would be easyier to visit