Disneyland Railroad


Is now powered by used cooking oil from the restaurants in the park.

I heard this on CNN this morning. Here is a link about it.

The Disneyland Railroad is now powered by cooking oil mixed with fuel - 1/29/09 - Los Angeles-Southern California-LA Breaking News, Weather, Traffic, Sports - abc7.com


Do you think it smells like fries like the cars that use the oil?


Oh how interesting and a good way to recycle used products, awesome!


Sheesh, I WONDERED why I started craving fried foods on my train ride from Toon Town to Main Street station this past weekend! :huh: :laugh: I can’t wait to tell my Dad about this article!!


That’s so cool!!


I just saw this a story on this on my local news…The CM spokesman said it wasn’t very cost effective but it was good for the environment. He also said it made the train ride smell better.


That’s really interesting…too cool!


I wonder what Walt would think. I’ll miss the old train smell.