Disneyland Resort Paris - no more magic?


OUr first ever experience of Disney was at the park in Paris, it was small, it was wet but it was magical…and now I fear the magic has gone.
My mum and dad left this morning for a 4 day trip to Paris, it’s the honeymoon they never had, the first trip they have had on their own without us kids around and it’s all going swirling down the pan.

Where do I begin?
The had to pay for a lake side view room (They are staying on Disney property at the Hotel New York) because there were no standard views available, they check in today and get told they have to take a standard view because there are no lake side views available! They get offered around 40euros as a compensation but we are sure that does not add up to the difference between the room prices but Im struggling to find anything on the official site (They booked with Disney).
The castmembers are rude and unhelpful, nobody there seems to know who Figment is, there was no firework show at MK, just some odd light show for 10mins against the castle at the end of the night, the hotel door does not lock, the tv does not work, they asked for extra pillows and still havn’t reviced them (now 10pm over there and they want to go to bed), the ‘buffet’ they had for tea was a few odd half filled plates of not-so-nice food, the service in the restaurant was awful, the rides are filled with dirt and grime, as if they havnt been cared for since they were installed, you couldnt see Buzz Lightyears face on the space ranger spin because of the grime covering it!

THIS is all on day one! Speaking to them, you wouldnt even think they were in Disney!
Maybe we have been spoilt by are many trips to WDW but for Disney, I just think this is awful!
Has anyone had this kind of experience? Any advice? Im considering sending them one huge letter when my parents get home if things don’t get any better!


oh wow…that’s just awful all around. I would indeed send them a letter and start writing it now.


Oops wrong board, could this be moved to the DLP board pelase? Did not realise what I clicked hah!

Dana- will deifnatly begin writing one, I’ve told them to keep a note of all the bads,big and small so we can include it all!


I know that towncarT loves going to DLP. He never has issues. I sur hope your parents fare better for the rest of their trip. That sure is a bummer.
This seems definitely to be an occassion when a letter of complaint might be sent :wink:


Sounds like my trip to Italy…


a couple weeks ago we were talking to a CM in Animal Kingdom that has been working at WDW for 10+ years and he was telling us about all the corporate changes that have been taking place. He told me that Disney doesn’t even own DLP anymore. They sold it to a french company.


Wow, you are right . . . that doesn’t sound like Disney at all! :eek:

Hope they have a better day tomorrow?!


So sorry your folks are having a rotten time, and that things improve. Disney Paris has been one of the inducements my DH has to get me to France -:laugh: We’ll get there eventually, but I keep putting off France for other destinations…:whistling


Wow, you really made me rethink my 2010 trip to Europe, based on me going to DLP. I searched around after I read your post and what I see has not been that favorable. Hmmm, and with the economy the way it is, I need to get the most for my hard earned under valued dollar…soooooo

I guess that means I will ditch the trip to Europe this year, and do WDW again for Thanksgiving next year…:blush: I may even add a Disney Cruise (3-day) to make up for the change…


Sorry to hear it. I was there last May and my experience was pretty good.
Its not as “magical” as WDW, but still a great time (although I agree on the food issue - blech!)


Campbell, wow I am so sorry to hear about this- yes get writing straight away and tell mum and dad to take photos if poss it all helps.
You may recall we had a poor experience with POR one trip and I wrote and got compensation - also do PM Towncar T he truly is an expert with regard to DLP ( I myself have never been) no this is entirley unacceptable for your parents and on such a special occasion too, please keep us posted on how it goes.



(although I agree on the food issue - blech!)[/QUOTE]

We all know about the French and food.

(come on they eat snails people!!)

:laugh: :laugh:


sorry to here this but I’m not surprised we went in december 2007 for a Christmas treat. we stayed at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. what a disappointment.
unclean, staff unhelpful, half the park shut, the worst father Christmas I have ever seen. the dinning plan was a complete rip off. the characters were not interacting very well with children or anybody.

I feel so sorry for people that spend there hard earned cash at Disneyland Paris, we said we would never go back unless we won a trip


I’m not all that surprised either. When I was there it was nice (and I use that word lightly). Yes it’s small, people weren’t friendly, however they all spoke English which was a nice bonus seeing my French isn’t as good as I’d like it (sorry total sidebar), half the rides were closed, their version of fireworks is way different than that of the US Disney locations. Their version of fireworks is a strange parade with a float at the end that makes firework sounds and an almost light bright looking fireworks display. Just thought it was very odd. I found a picture of the fireworks, not the best picture but it’s what I was able to get.

With all of that being said I absolutely think I was spoiled by my many trips to WDW. It’s extremely different there, nothing like the US parks at all.

If that’s true about the park being sold to a French company that’s really a shame. At the end of the day it’s really putting the Disney name on the chopping block and leaving a bad taste in people’s mouth of the Disney magic. Imagine knowing someone who’s been to a US park and they rave about how wonderful it is, that family then goes to DLP and is so put off because it’s not the same.

Anyway I’m just ranting now but thanks for reading.


They came home on Sunday night, they made the most of the trip and enjoyed it for what it was but it just was not the same park they had visited a few years ago. Yes id agree and say we’ve all been spoilt by our many trips to WDW, but saying that, when you experience anything Disney you expect the Disney standard and Paris just can’t live up to that, especially for the prices you pay there is little to no value for money at all. This trip was suppose to be for their belated honeymoon, it’s took them almost 22 years to take one and it just didn’t live up to expectations. They will be sending of a letter this week, their not expecting anything in return but something has to be done about this park, eve if it belongs to some french company now it still bears the Disney name and it’s almost an insult to Walts memory, he’d be spinning in his grave if he saw this park!


That is exactly what I was thinking! Some of the changes being made in the name of money are going to come back and bite this company in the long run. You cannot leave your business model and expect to succeed. They have been slowly moving away since Eisner left. :noo:


That stinks! Disney should be magical, not like that. I hope they have a better stay. This really threw off of me going to DLP now. I always dreamed of going but I was worried about stuff like this. I don’t know i’ll see.

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