Disneyland swans?


Do the swans still swim in the water around Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? If not, when did that stop, does anyone remember?


As far as I know they are still there. I know for sure that they were still around in '05 and I doubt they have gone anywhere! :smile:


I saw a duck.
But no swans that I can remember.


I remember seeing swans.

But I don’t remember any last trip this past February, just the ducks…


No swans :frowning: You’ll see a duck and a stork occasionally, (actually a lot of ducks) but other than that nothing’s swimming around the castle. I don’t think swans would fare well there, because the water is green with chlorine and it would probably make them sick and their feathers would get dyed.


We saw lots of ducks last month, everywhere…they look kinda funny in storybook land…like giant alien ducks or something. But, I don’t remember any swans. Of course then, I wasn’t really looking!


I also remember Swans. I’m fairly sure they were there in January


I think the park puts them out on certain days and such, or so I have been told. I was also told when their not out in the castle moat waters their in the animal area being pampered, lol.


Haha! We were saying that to, like the lands were being invaded by giant ducks!