Disneyland - The Secrets, Stories and Magic of the Happiest Place on Earth(DVD)


Hi i know this isnt out yet but do u think it should be something i should add to my chrishmas list?


Love, we need a link to see it… ok, I will add it for you… just because you are my little disbro and I heart you. :wub:
PS: I am not buying this DVD for you, considering Amazon says it’s not released until 2010?!?!


Is that right? 2010! Crazy! I will definitely buy it!


That’s kind of a long wait. :mickey:


I can’t imagine that that is right… so weird! Why would they even have it on their site? Oh well, something to look forward to in hmmm… 4 years!!! haha

ACK, I just realized I will be 31 when that video is supposedly released.


haha! 2010! Thats crazy. I’ll buy it for the Olympics! :mickey:

(2010 olympics are in being held in my home city of Vancouver…yay!! woot woot!)


2010??!! what a tease! i want to see this now. i’m very interested in things like that. why are they waiting to release it in 2010?


Just moving this over to Mouse Trap where it is a little more in place.


Well from what i’ve seen before when they put a way off year that means the release date has ben delayed till further notice. I don’t think it will be in 2010 because that won’t be the 50th anniversary. But who knows!!!