Disneyland trip and parking


well trip went fine did in 2 stages …over the weekend and went back again yesterday tuesday…had a lot of fun …good as ever …but something happenned very undisneylike,yesterday drove in toward the park was shuttled toward the old dca parking area ,drove thru there came out the other end and was forced to park in the simba parking lot,for those of you not familiar with this lot it is south of the disney hotel and about "MY GUESS " between 1/2 mile to 7/10ths of a mile from the main gate to disney …NO SHUTTLE …we had to act as info guides to people walking and trying to find which way to go to get to the parks ,of note was one lady on her cell phone trying to explain to her mom where she was ,I heard her saying that she thought she was parking at disney but wasn’t sure and had no clue were she was…the mom was driving and wanted to at least go to the same parking lot …the daughter said no clue…I told her to try to go to the mickey and friends parking lot at least there will be a tram to get her to the park…told her to go to ball road exit and not to get caught in the trap that we got snared in…when in the park I went to guest relations and were told some crazy story which later was debunked by a higher up…seems to me they wanted people to have to walk thru downtown disney to get back to their cars …business downtown must be down …WHY because when you got a receipt from the stores or almost anything in disney the receipt entitled you to 20% off at the disney resort stores in downtown and in the park from 10 till 300 o’clock …while in the park we heard more than several people commenting on the parking and saying if they are going to park you that far then maybe that parking should be discounted …something like preferred parking and just general parking …you see parking at disneyland is now $14…great trip good time strangely no fantasmic mon tue despite the park being fairly busy …except for the aprking issue …GREAT TRIP


Yea, Disneylands parking issues need be dealt with. They are building more parking; I am sorry it ruined your experience.


my experience was not ruined …it was very undisney like to be sort of left out in the cold…I could handle it,but some people going for the first time or don’t go as often as I and others might have been confused and somewhat exhausted by the long juant to the park…I have going to DLR since 1973…hundreds of times so nothing would ruin my experience …just thought I would mention it so someone who might be going in the future would have a heads up and find their way to the parking structure and avoid the very long trek…and be able to use the trams…


Disney is currently in the process of building a new “Temporary” 2,800 parking space parking lot across on Harbor Blvd. In a few years down the road once permits all go through and construction gets going Disneyland will have a new 4 level Parking Garage across from the Anaheim Garden Walk (it was originally going to be 6 levels but Disney was able to purchase more land to make it bigger so it wouldnt be so tall), Disney is also working on getting a new Monorail Station permit so that the new parking structure will have monorail as well as shuttle service.


still no excuse to treat the casual goer they way they treated some recently…like i said i as a frequent guest could find my way around…but the casual goer had to walk a long way with practically no help at all…always rememberfirst impressions are lasting…my concerns are notwhat they are planning,but how they treat customers while they get were they are going


The parking is all wrong, my brother and his family all became pass holders after staying 3 days at the hotel a month ago, He went back a week ago with his family and arrived at 9:15am at the parking area only to be rerouted down the street away from Disney altogether, there they waited for a bus(think thats what he said) and by the time he got to the park it was after 11:00am, really after driving 3 hours to get there early and to be turned away from the multi level parking lot which was still very empty to have to park down the street was very uncool. My wife and I along with my mother and my brothers family are meeting there around Jan 14th, driving in from Oklahoma right to disneyland and if they pull that saving parking for people who come later thing with me i’m gonna be very pissed. What ever ding dong came up with the idea to save parking for passholders that come later in the day should be looking for a new job. Geez i’m already stressing : (


Forgot this part: My brother complained about the having to bypass the parking area and was told it was owned by the city and they had no control over it.


well,your brother…should direct his complaint to guest communications …IF and that is a big IF disney will get enough complaints to change there present course …right now they are hiding behind the christmas season…and traffic downtown …the parking structure should be used first,and then the adjacent lot then next one etc you should not be parking people first in the worst parking areasso people,no matter who they are can park more conveniently later in the day…


Good advice. I’ll pass it on to him. I’m guessing this is all due to the amount of passes they have sold but really a guest for the day would most likely spend more in the park than a passholder in one day, i’m trying to see the money issue here since thats what it always seems to come down to. I wonder what the park attendance is on day vs pass?


as an annual passholder …if you pay I think 59 dollars you get parking for free for the length of the annual pass…while we were at the park,the annual passholder que was 30-40 deep every time we walked by …the wait was at 30-40 minutes…heard one lady say you may as well stand in line because it only gets worse closer to closing…


One of the benefits of the Premium Annual Pass is Free Parking. Just not a Monopoly Space…

However, I was informed by Voldemort yesterday that the Premium is over $435.00 now… I remember when I bought four (4) at $200.00 each just six years ago…