Disneyland Trip Planning DVD now avaliable!


Believe it or not, after much anticipation, Disneyland’s trip planning DVD for 2005 has finally come out! It can be ordered online, free of charge, at this weblink:


yay! finally! thanks for the link! I’ve got one coming to me and DSister and DBF!


Thank you, I just ordered it! We are really excited now!


You’re quite welcome! I thought they’d NEVER come out with a Disneyland trip planning DVD, especially since WDW’s trip planner came out last December. This was especially surprising, since the 50th Anniversary Celebration is coming up!


yeah, you’d think they would have gotten that out aaaaages ago! Eisner lets us down once again lol


Princess Tessa, I think you just hit the nail right on the head! :biggrin: :wink:


it’s a little late to use for my trip…but it’ll be here when I return and I can use it to keep the magic going here in Hawaii…Can’t wait to see it! Thanks Kent for passing the info on…



Well you’re welcome, Kristina! Glad you appreciate my passing on the new info, and hope you enjoy the Disneyland trip planner DVD when you finally get it! :mickey:


it’ll probably have way more information in it that I wish I had before I went…but hey, maybe it’ll lead to yet another Disneyland trip…

…hey I can Dream can’t I?!!..


YES YOU CAN!!! i always say, one of these days i am just gonna drive down to LA and go to DL, haha, thats a dream and a half!!! :slight_smile: but im goin this coming New YEars…WOOT!!! although…its soooo far away!!!

ooh yeah, and thanks for the link…its awesome!!!



hopefully! :biggrin: :wink:


Once again, your welcome, and hope your Disneyland DVD comes in soon! :mickey: