Disneyland trip


just got back from a great trip,spent 3 nights at the DL hotel…more about that in a while,had a great time getting my disney fix …crowds were manageable saw the new fantasmic,the new fireworks,which I felt were a slight let down from the wishes show…all in all a great trip…ate at the blue bayou and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was …it was really ,good…back to hotel…very unl;ike disney was the checkin process…didn’t get what we asked for,we were told that the hotel was sold out,but the beauty of the internet showed availability not only at full price ,but AP rates at the same moment we were checking in ,the room was OK but when we got in the refrigerator was open with towels very wet sitting there…took towels out and put drinks in ,big mistake every thing got frozen and exploded…next morning got up to get a cup pf coffee for my wife ,and could find no coffee maker,called and they said coffee was complimentary in the tower lobby until 9:00am …just made it…was told when we were checking out that all I had to do was ask for a coffee pot ,but no one ever told me when I asked about the coffee…finally paid for valet parking at $17 a day…got car back covered in tree sap…bear in mind the car is brand new less than a month old…I was surprised at the ordinariesness of the hotel…we have stayed there many times in the past…and never experienced anything like this …almost forgot the ligths in the bathroom just went out ,had to call three times to finally get somone up to fix it…but too much about that …had agreat time …and yes we will stay at the DL hotel again and I know it will be better …at least the disney fix is in and another trip or 2 before our next trip to WDW …WILL HELP THE TIME PASS…


Unfortunately for this trip the Disneyland Hotel is starting its remodel, all the hotel rooms and towers and hotel grounds will be completely remodeled and a lot of the issues you mentioned are being all fixed, and things like a coffee machine will be standard in all the rooms in the new towers. Glad to hear you had a nice time regardless!


anytime at disney is a nice time…what was surprising was the check-in not disney like at all…very amateirish and crude…all the other things wouldn’t have been so bad if the trip started in the NORMAL disney manner


Hopefully maybe the check-in process might change for the better once the hotel remodel is done? Hopefully!